Meditation for bad mood

10 Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Bad Mood

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10 Mindfulness Meditation Exercises For Bad Mood

Having a bad mood is a reality for each one of us. Regardless of how easy going and happy personality you think you are, you still are going to end up having a bad mood on some days. What needs to be understood is that a bad mood is mostly associated with the external events, however, the internal imbalance in terms of hormones or the neurology of an individual may cause the same on a few occasions. The frustration is understandable when you can’t seem to control your mood and are unable to figure out why you are being so down lately. Under such circumstances, mindfulness exercises can be an easy cure as they are known to be effective for enhancing your mood. Let us walk you through the top 13 mindfulness practices that you can do anytime, anywhere, any place in order to give a little boost to your mood.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing goes by different names including square breathing, slow breathing, deep breathing etc. It is commonly used for patients of stress and anxiety and is one of the most traditional components of meditation for relieving stress and enhancing mood. In order to practice mindful breathing, find a calm and peaceful corner, sit in a comfortable position, and start taking deep and slow breathes through the nostrils while exhaling slowly through the mouth. It is recommended to make it rhythmic by counting to four while inhaling, keeping the air in your lungs for two seconds, and then exhaling through the mouth for the count of four.

Mindful Listening

Another similar technique that can be used for mood enhancement is mindful listening. For this purpose, you will need a guided meditation track that you can easily find on the internet. The guided meditation track usually combines breathing exercise mentioned above with a soothing voice of the instructor and a personal mantra. Focusing on the voice is known to have a calming effect on your mind.

Mindful Visualization

As the name suggests, it is a practice that belongs to the same family of exercises as mentioned above. While the first two required you to focus on rhythmic breathing or listening to a peaceful sound, this one summons your sense of sight into action instead. In the mindful visualization technique, you are required to find an event happening in the present and bring your entire attention to it. For instance, focusing on the movement of the needle of a clock, much like what you see for hypnosis in the movies. Not to worry though, you are not hypnotizing yourself in any way. It is just a meditation practice aimed at making your mind peaceful and consequently enhancing your mood.

Mindful Observation

Next in our list of mindful practices is mindful observation. It is another of a simple, time efficient, and effective exercise that aims to bring your attention to the present. All you need for this exercise is a plant leaf. Hold it in your hand. Try to get a sense of what it feels like in your hand. Then slowly start to bring your entire focus to the leaf. Observe its size, its pattern, its shape, its texture, observe everything. Feel the troubling thoughts departing out of your mind and focus on here and now.

Mindful Eating

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