3 Fundamental Principles to Deal with High Levels of Stress and Fear

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3 Fundamental Principles to Deal with High Levels of Stress and Fear

The human race has thrived in multiple environments. While the modern era is filled with convenience and machines to make our lives efficient, there was a time on our forefathers when they had to fight giant animals and beasts every day to survive. Fear was one of the most common emotions that enabled them to successfully pass through such a time. It is fear that enables you to be on a lookout for any danger or threat that may harm you or the ones that you love. However, in this time and age, we have machines which can work for us as far as being on a lookout is concerned. But psychology says that due to the experiences of our forefathers, we have evolved in a fashion that the emotion of fear has become innate for us that has the potential to manifest itself into the most unnecessary of times. For instance, how many times did you get to know someone who had stage fear? Chances are, in fact, that you are one of them yourself. Even if you are not, it is not unusual for a seemingly confident individual to be afraid of standing on the podium and addressing a huge audience. The people in front of you are not large animals and beasts with huge canines who are ready to attack and tear you apart. And yet, here you are, with shaking legs and a shiver in your voice while talking to people who are actually interested in what you have to say.

It is understandable that such negative experiences like high levels of stress or unnecessary fear can put a barricade in the path of your own success. While it is true that these have become a part of our nature, the good news is that it is well within your authority to manage them effectively. With in-depth research, we have created a list of top three strategies that can help a great deal when it comes to coping with high levels of stress and fear.



Life is Not A War

The first thing that you need to realize when you are experiencing such negative emotions of anxiety and fear for no apparent reason is that

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