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5 Steps to Solve Inner Self Conflicts to Be Truly Happy in Life

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5 Steps to Solve Inner Self Conflicts to Be Truly Happy in Life

Conflicts are manmade. Be it inner conflicts or the ones with the people around us. We have arguments based on the difference of opinions with other people which is a common part of our lives. But sometimes, we can get a little too excited about having a conflict and end up having an inner conflict where your thoughts and your emotions are no longer in harmony. More often than not, inner conflicts are likely to be fueled when things don’t go as per your expectations. Among a few too many negative emotions that you experience under such circumstances which include and are not confined to anger, fear, annoyance, frustration, confusion, indecisiveness, etc., the root cause of inner conflict is indecisiveness. Merged with overthinking, this is an emotion that has the potential to cause a drastic change in your normal behavioral patterns and put into action a vicious cycle of negative emotions.

You can see inner conflicts as the moments when newer information is being provided to the mind. However, merely because this information doesn’t align with the already established values, or what you believe in, your mind attempts to discard this information. For example, you can see that your current relationship is no longer serving you. But, it is against your values to give up on someone, and hence your mind chooses to ignore the incoming information leading to confusion, indecisiveness, and consequently inner conflict.

Being in a state of inner conflict is frustrating to the extent of limiting productivity on a day to day basis. It is important to deal with it in a timely fashion before it renders you unable to focus on the important tasks of your routine lives. If you have landed on this page, it is likely that you are currently dealing with the annoyance of inner conflict. Rest assured, your suffering ends here. Read along and find out the top five strategies that can help a great deal in solving the inner conflict and being truly happy in your life.

  1. It’s An Illusion

It won’t be wrong to state that inner conflicts are in many ways like an illusion. As mentioned earlier, conflicts are manmade. This statement has an implication that things aren’t as bad as you are thinking them to be. Since inner conflicts are mostly associated with overthinking, it is the latter that exaggerate the issue, which is likely to exist only in your head. For example, you may be thinking that you have put on a little weight. Being in a state of inner conflict pushes you to overthink about being fat unless you start to believe it indeed to be the truth.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? But if you have been in inner conflict, you know the disaster that it can cause in your head if it is not tackled timely. The good news, however, is that the solution remains simple enough. You’d be amazed to know that just by accepting the fact that you are having an inner conflict and then reminding yourself that it is likely to be an illusion, you can restore your mind for optimum functioning. Under such circumstances, as per the scientists, what you are thinking is the fraction of what it actually is. Simply put, it is possible that your mind is having a hard time imagining that there could be two sides to the coin. And just by reminding it that the thought may as well be just an illusion, you open it to welcome the other side of the coin i-e it isn’t as bad as you think it is.

  1. Meditate To Connect With Your Brain

Understanding your emotions and managing them effectively is nothing short of an art. It takes practice, patience, and consistency to be the master of your own emotions. But it doesn’t happen by itself, nor is it linked to your age or mental maturity. The road to understanding your emotions is paved by meditation and mindfulness. Remember that one of leading reasons why you are having an inner conflict is because you are failing to understand your own emotions; you are unable to associate your thoughts with your emotions and the coordination between two has been lost. Under such circumstances, meditation is a guaranteed way of removing the clouds of indecisiveness and regain your ability to see, read, and process your thoughts and emotions with clarity.

In moments of inner conflict, find a silent corner where you can be at peace, away from the noise. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. Take a deep a breath and observe what it feels like to have your body filled with inhaled air. Keep the air trapped inside your body for a few seconds and then slowly exhale it out all the while keeping the focus on the process of breathing. A few minutes of this exercise is known to promote mental clarity and resolve all inner conflicts.

You can also opt for mindful listening or seeing in which your focus is on a sound or an object in your vision. For example, you can focus on the tick-tock of a clock much like they do when someone is to be hypnotized in a movie. Similarly, for mindful seeing, you can choose to focus on the burning flame of a candle. The effects of all such practices are identical in lending you a ladder to climb out of the ditch of inner conflict.

  1. Get Social

A simple yet highly effective way of coping with inner conflict is to socialize. It can help you deal with the inner conflict in two possible ways. First of all, as mentioned earlier, overthinking can be the root cause of having an inner conflict. More often than not, overthinking is associated with the availability of a little too much time for the brain to think. This little machine in your head is hardwired to think. If you are not feeding it anything positive, chances are that it will raise conflicts of its own to ponder over and stay busy. This implies that getting engaged in another activity is potentially helpful in getting rid of the inner conflict. The reason why socializing is particularly helpful is because it aligns with the natural requirement of the man to socialize. It is hard to focus on any other activity when you are in a state of inner conflict. But socializing takes minimal effort with potentially maximum output. Secondly, when socializing, you get a chance to discuss your conflict with the people that you are close with and get a second opinion on the matter. This goes a long way in providing the mental clarity required to put a stop to the vicious cycle of indecisiveness and confusion.

  1. Rationalize Your Thoughts

Since inner conflicts are fueled by indecisiveness, there is an implication that you are perhaps second guessing your judgments, opinions, and decisions. You have made a decision in your mind, but you are confused if it is going to present the expected outcome. This is essentially a matter of having confidence in your decisions and in yourself. Easier said than done, right? It is every bit as easy as it sounds. Your mind is a complicated machine, and yet, it is also the simplest of them all. The reason being that your mind is capable of listening to and understanding logic. In moments like these, if you can recollect a few instances from the past when your decisions happened to be precisely on point, you can sensitize your brain to refill the bar of confidence in itself. Once you are confident about your decisions, chances are that you would no longer have a conflict between your thoughts and your emotions.

  1. Jot It Down

It may sound bizarre, but things can actually sound more complicated in your head than they really are. This is why it is recommended to write it all down when you are having an inner conflict. Your thoughts, emotions, opinions, decision, write everything down. Make a proper diagram of what are the possible outcomes. The pros and cons of each. How do you feel about each one of them? Once you have it in front of you on a piece of paper, it may help you to finally see it with a clear vision and resolve your inner conflict once and for all.


There is no need to be embarrassed if you are experiencing a moment of inner conflict. What’s even better is that such conflicts can be resolved just as easily as they are created. It often takes time for us to resolve them because we don’t want to acknowledge their existence. Now that we have mentioned the 5 simple strategies which can lend you a helping hand in coping with your inner conflict, you are in a much better position to handle them gently the next time around.

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