Why Coronavirus [COVID-19] & The Real Truth Behind the Global Panic 2020

Why Coronavirus [COVID-19] & The Real Truth Behind the Global Panic 2020

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Why Coronavirus [COVID-19] & The Real Truth Behind the Global Panic 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak, News, and Media – Do You Fear and Panic Yet?


At first, I didn’t really want to publish anything concerning the real-time pandemic emergency crisis (as they call it in the news media) because I thought that there is no need for more opinions on this issue, but I tell you all readers what have made me change my mind and write this article.

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet because of rapidly growing artificially created and exaggerated scarcity and what they are telling in the global news doesn’t really help. It seems to be the right opposite of what everyone should do right now, which is to NOT Panic!

Theories How Coronavirus Started

Now again, there are 2 main versions/theories on how the Covid-19 actually started:

  1. One theory is that it’s a naturally created type of virus that got spread at the Wuhan city seafood market through the type of bat that Chinese people consume as cuisine. The scientists apparently confirmed the almost identical (96%) type of coronavirus in those species of bats, but couldn’t confirm for sure it’s 100% the case.
  2. The second theory is deeper and more complex and involves the mass world conspiracy tyranny against all humankind by artificially creating a big scarcity and panic to invoke the high levels of fear in people to control.


Coronavirus COVID-19 vs Generic Influenza (Flu) – Did You Know?

I don’t really care which theory you choose to believe, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter that much if you do what I would suggest, which is to not let yourself get filled by fear and panic. I do not mean to absolutely ignore what is happening, not at all, but rather focus on helping others to stay calm and take some basic precautions like isolating older and those with pre-existing conditions, don’t go to public places too often and limit the contact with strangers.

That’s a good thing to limit the spread. But what I and many others, do not understand is why the WHO and world nations and leaders build so much of panic. And some pretty crazy things are happening from that. Here are the facts that you may not know.

Every year there is an occurrence, the wave of the virus known as influenza, which is a classic disease, with slightly varied symptoms in individuals, that we call flu. Some years are worse than others but literally tens of thousands of people globally die on normal flu every single year!

And here is the thing, do we see the mainstream media or world leaders panic about thousands of people just in US ding on flu every year? Of course not.

Just to give some verified and recent numbers, in between 2017 – 2018 over 61,000 people died on flu in the United States alone, and as of this year, now there are over 10,000 deaths in the US by a different flu-like virus. Compared to this so-called global pandemic, it’s like a little brother trying to catch up. Where is the panic about this? How come people take it as a normal occurrence while Covid-19 does pretend to be such a threat?

And how come the situation seems to be more and more desperate by every day, lightly balancing on the edge of calling a state marshall law?

Just think about it. Even with my healthy skepticism on conspiracy theories, I must say that after doing my deep research a lot of things look odd and if the people will keep on fearfully panicking, then they do exactly what seems like the big world leaders want right now. So I highly from the deep bottom of my heart call all people to not be afraid and do not panic, and be confident and strong at the same time. The human mind can do so much, hence it perceives and manifests our own reality.


What Is The Best Thing to Do Now?

Be yourself, be focused, be smart, be confident…

That probably summons it up. Do not let yourself or close people around you to fall for the panic and fear, it’s not helpful in any way because it’s exactly what the world power brokers want. With the new vaccines against COVID-19 coming, the Big Pharma’s profits will skyrocket again, right after they almost went into bankruptcy last year. Coincidence?! Don’t think so. Besides, we all know who stands behind the world big pharma and who stands behind the world financial system, which just proves everything even more.


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