how to relax and clear your mind

Ultimate Guide on How to Clear and Relax Your Mind with Many Benefits

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Ultimate Guide on How to Clear and Relax Your Mind with Many Benefits

A human mind is a powerful tool that enjoys unparalleled importance when it comes to the optimal functioning of the entire human body. It is fair to state that all of the systems and functionalities of the human body are under the direct control of the mind. The moment that your mind decides to bail on you is the moment when your life is virtually or even literally finished. You can take all the time that you need but you would still fail to think of a machine that runs constantly without requiring maintenance throughout its lifetime. And yet, the human mind is in action at the time of the birth and doesn’t stop working unless the soul departs the body.

Considering the authority of the human mind, it is justified that it will have an impact on your day to day behaviors, attitudes, moods, manners, and your overall personality in general. Much like an average individual, you would perhaps hold an opinion that a person with a positive state of mind is much likely to have positivity in his overall vibe while the one who has a negative mind will have his behaviors and attitudes reflect the same. As such, you can only categorize this powerful tool into two different types; the positive mind and the negative mind.

But what if we told you that you have also been gifted with another type of mind, the authority of which goes far beyond the realm of positive and negative minds. Your third mind is commonly referred to as the neutral mind. The power of the neutral mind is such that your entire success, prosperity, happiness, and satisfaction is premised on how well have you developed and trained your neutral mind. Let’s recall the old-school mathematics for a while, shall we? Remember when Mrs. Teressa wanted you to memorize a basic rule of mathematics that a positive and a negative cancel each other out? Now apply this rule here. If you have a positive mind and a negative mind, isn’t it possible in theory that they’ll cancel each other? In which case, the neutral mind will stand as the only tool available at your disposal.

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The Negative Mind

There’s a major misconception about

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