traveling for personal growth

How Can Traveling Help Your Personal Growth

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How Can Traveling Help Your Personal Growth

Sitting under your wooden roof with a dull face and a gutty feeling. Everything feels just about fine until the cold breeze blows your hair as you sip on your hot chocolate, sided extra cream with a sinking feeling and an urge to go out and have fun – but it is all so short-lived because you tend to believe what people have to say about traveling. It’s a temporary feeling of fun and pleasure to the eyes, they say. But is it really that? We know what it feels like when you actually feel as boring as Poor Birmingham, a city which has been voted as the most boring city in Europe, twice. But, wait. What if we hit your mind with a whip and wake you up from the sleep of ignorance? What if we come close to your ear and whisper that the voice deep inside that wants to travel, knows exactly what it’s talking about. Traveling across helps your personal growth and it is as true as the fact that Sun rises from the East and sets in the West.

It is understandable that the predictability of your routine environment surely gives you a sense of security and comfort, and then, of course, there is a matter of what it’ll cost you to travel as well that tries constantly to talk you out of your plan to go traveling. But you’d be amazed to know the benefits that such a trip can offer in terms of your personal growth. After reading this article, you will find a rush of excitement and vigor that will turn the needle for you in favor of traveling. Are you getting curious to find out what is it that’s so amazing about the experience of traveling? Let’s not keep you waiting anymore and highlight what it has to offer.


Why and How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

As mentioned earlier, the sense of security and comfort is a defining feature of your routine environment. It is the very reason why the majority of people chicken out of their plans to travel. But what you need to realize is that it’s the whole reason why you should be traveling and how it helps enhance your personal growth. Nothing great ever grows out of a comfort zone. If you want to transform your personality into more impressive and charming, you need to take on challenges and experience adventures that you have never done before.

Traveling gives you an impeccable opportunity to do just that. It takes you miles and miles away from your comfort zone into an environment that is unknown to you, a culture that is strikingly different from your own, among the people who perhaps don’t even speak your language. In simpler terms, traveling enables you to learn to adapt to an environment outside of your comfort zone. With a myriad of activities and cuisines that you would never have found in your hometown, it turns the entire experience of learning to a fun and excitement one for you.


Get A Whole New Perspective

Take a moment and ask anyone in your surroundings who has been an avid traveler and he would tell you how his entire perspective was reshaped after he visited a few new places and lived among the people from a different culture. More often than not, we tend to have an assumption about a foreign country and its inhabitants. By embarking upon a journey of visiting the country in person, we get to see if our assumptions were accurate or could they not have been farther from reality. As we enter a whole new world, the likelihood of seeing, observing, and experiencing things that can change our entire perspective and beliefs is increased exponentially.

For instance, if you traveled to an impoverished country, it will perhaps be your first time to see poverty up that close. You get back from your visit, connect your DSLR with the laptop and take a look at the pictures to relive all those moments. And suddenly a picture reveals a homeless person in search of a life that is at least a little similar to what you have been living your entire life. And that’s when it hits you like a brick that you’ve been taking your life and everything within for granted. Perhaps you thought your life sucked before traveling merely because your application didn’t get accepted, but with this new shift of perspective, you would become more humble and thankful for everything that you have.


The Best Supplement For Your Confidence

Remember that you can plan for months for your trip and yet, there is no guarantee that your trip will go exactly as planned. The uncertainties and the lack of prediction can’t be ruled entirely out of your plan to travel. It is unfair to expect that things will turn out to be exactly the same while you are traveling. But this is exactly what opens a new door for personal growth as it improves your survival and adaption skills and feeds it in your mind that you can handle yourself even when things decide to not go your way.

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