How to Find Happiness and Be Happy in Life

How to Find Happiness and Start Living Happy Life

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How to Find Happiness and Start Living Happy Life

That’s a lot of “happy” words in the title, but definitely not an exaggeration. When looking for or chasing happiness in life one should be careful. Many times, in order to be happy, people pursue something so hard that it becomes frustration and burden instead of ease and relax which is closely connected to being happy. Of course, setting audacious goals in life is important for those who truly feel and believe it’s the journey they must take. Your life goals are like checkpoints to see if you are going in the right direction if you keep the right course, but the journey is as much if not more important in order to be happy.

The life journey is the “Presence”, and the present moment is the only real-time that there actually is, the manifested reality. The past and the future only exist in the non-physical realities. That’s why being in the present moment is important because it’s the time when the spirit and body start to heal, the time when the manifestation process is in its full power.

When you are feeling happy it means that many things which are important to you in life are being manifested. You can never manifest anything nice and happy from the place of anger, frustration, and fear. In order to attract the good things in life, one must live it first, which means unconditionally believe that whatever it is you want, is already there.

It’s the Law of Attraction in real practice.


Master Your Happiness Master Your Life


As much of a cliche as this sounds, being happy is truly the key to life, isn’t it? But first, in order to be happy, there are many things to figure out. It’s true, right? We are not being happy just out of the blue, there are underlying reasons for that whether you know them or not. That’s also why the law of attraction for most of the people don’t work, in simple words, their mind is tuned to a different frequency than the actual outcome is.

mastering happiness mastering life by t harv eker

When talking about the law of attraction and manifesting the things that you want into your life, Harv Eker is the man to go to. With over 50 years of experience and teaching personal growth and personal development to tens of thousands of students all around the world, being a #1 NY Times Bestselling author of the book Millionaire Mind, he can surely give some valuable advice on how to manifest the happy life.

Harv is a self-made multi-millionaire who many decades ago hit the rock bottom having nothing else but pennies in his pocket. Today he is a widely respected and semi-retired personal development coach and businessman teaching thousands of people in more than 140 countries, how to change the mindset and grow the millionaire mind with 360-degree abundance. Meaning to have good health, feeling fit, building and maintaining great and meaningful relationships, have the purpose and feel happy and fulfilled in life.

It’s a new era, the awakening time when People worldwide are starting to realize and understand that life is not just about having a lot of money, or just having a lot of friends, or good health. Why not have it all without really sacrificing anything? It requires a lot of hard work, depending on how deeply ingrained your false beliefs are, basically how your mind operates and deals with everything.

Mastering Happiness and Life is at the moment T Harv Eker’s newest training program,



Work Harder on Yourself, Than on Your Job

happiness and life

This is one of the very popular lines said by many successful self-made individuals when they asked them what’s the single one thing that made them successful and what one should do to achieve the level of success that they have.

It’s all right under our nose, the key to the unlimited abundance and happiness, and the best way to look for it is to look into yourself, it’s there, you will find it.

Like described by the Zen Buddhists or old martial art masters, it’s the inner self that must be worked on and shaped more than the outer world. Self-development is the constant never-ending exercise that one must keep doing and mastering the details of life.


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