How To Keep Yourself Motivated For A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Keep Yourself Motivated For A Healthy Lifestyle

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How To Keep Yourself Motivated For A Healthy Lifestyle

How many times have you told yourself that starting from tomorrow, you are going to put all the effort into keeping a healthy lifestyle? The excitement of sticking to the plan for the first couple of days is not a new one for most of us. The problem, however, is the consistency in the long run. Literally, anyone can plan to change their lifestyle for the better, but when it comes to staying motivated and showing commitment over the months, hardly a fraction of us are able to win that battle. Thousands have New Year’s resolutions have failed because people just can’t seem to keep their initial enthusiasm to stick to a healthy lifestyle over a longer period of time.

The thought of keeping a healthy lifestyle and getting the most out of your physical health is surely an exciting one. But how do you fight the despair once you are confronted with a setback, how do you get over the feeling of just giving up and going right back to bed when you should actually be focusing even harder on your goal of keeping a healthy lifestyle? Yes, you guessed it right. Just like pretty much anything else, there are ways that you can employ in order to train your mind to keep its motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

Be it laziness, boredom, lack of results, or trouble finding the motivation, whatever your reason for giving up on the idea of sticking to a healthy lifestyle may be, we have a few simple tips which can greatly increase your chances of success. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer and step into our guide of top 8 strategies which are known to be helpful for the purpose of motivating yourself to keep a healthy lifestyle in the long run.


  1. Journaling Never Fails

The first and the foremost tip that you can easily start to use from today in hopes of fueling your motivation to keep a healthy lifestyle is journaling the components of healthy lifestyle that you have identified, what you are doing to achieve each one of them, and what are the results that are beginning to show in terms of your physical or mental health. As per psychology, a habit of journaling your experience is likely to motivate you to stick to the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

The idea is quite simple if you think about it. Once you are in the habit of journaling your experiences, you will start to feel a craving to have something to write about at the end of each day. This is the very origin of your motivation for a healthy lifestyle. The thought of not having anything to write about since you didn’t follow the regime and have been cheating on your plan for the whole day is going to make you cringe which will ultimately push you to get moving and focus on achieving your goal of keeping a healthy lifestyle. It may not sound like something that’ll have a huge impact, but you’ve got to try it to believe it.

  1. Junk Food Prevents The Results

Imagine this, you joined a gym and talked to your coach about getting those gorgeous six-pack abs. You were thoroughly instructed about the workout regime that you need to follow and you make it your life goal to stick to the regime like a religion. You are into the workout program for a couple of months and yet there is hardly any change that you are witnessing on your body. Would you find the motivation to continue the workout for the third month? Probably not. But on the other hand, what if you started to see some real results just at the end of the first month into the workout program? You are perhaps going to be hooked for life and it’ll be a matter of time before you have the impeccable six-pack abs.

The same principle applied here. It is likely that you will fail to see any impact of keeping a healthy lifestyle if you are unable to quit junk food for good. If you are eating the hamburgers and fried chicken most of the times throughout the week, the rest of the effort you are putting into keeping a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t have much of an impact. For starters, therefore, you need to train yourself to part your way from the junk food. It will enable you to witness the positive impact of healthy lifestyle sooner than expected which will fuel the motivation for later by itself.

  1. Eat In Episodes

Fundamentally speaking, there are two kinds of people that you can find around you. First, are those who take five to six meals each day but all of them are in moderation. Second, are the ones who take excessive pride in having only three meals per day but each of their meal is filled with thousands of calories. You can make a short survey for yourself. Ask the people around you to get an insight into their diet plans and you will find out that the former kind of people are usually fitter, active, lean, and athletic, while the latter are usually the ones who have their belts concealed under their bellies.

In order to ensure that you will be able to witness the results of a healthy lifestyle in a timely fashion, you need to make sure that you are cutting down on each of your meals and are transforming your eating pattern into smaller meals at intervals. For optimum results, what you eat is important, but when you eat and how much of it do you consume is imperative as well.

  1. Be Humble In Setting Your Goals

There is no argument over the fact that one of the biggest reasons why you find it hard to keep the motivation for a healthy lifestyle is

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