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How To Make Your Ideas Successful – The Psychological Perspective

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How To Make Your Ideas Successful – The Psychological Perspective

The ideas that pop into your mind from time to time are a crucial component of how successful you are going to be in your professional life. Regardless of whether you are a businessman or a musician, a corporate employee, or a healthcare professional, your creativity and productivity are almost always spelled in terms of your ideas. Considering the importance, wouldn’t it be great if you knew what could make your idea stick? If you think so, then you have landed on the right page.

There are plenty of ideas that are dead as soon as they arrive while others continue to spread like a wildfire. This has an implication that there must be something in an idea that gets popular that sets it apart from the one that is destined to die. It is kind of a given that you have had several ideas that had the potential to become an established business someday, and yet they failed to make their mark in the market. As such, there must be something that you are doing wrong and something that you could do better to make them stick, right?

And that’s exactly where we come into play. We made thorough research into understanding the psychological perspective of why some ideas are popular while others remain dull and boring for the public. It is understandable that for an idea to be popular, it is important that everyone who hears it gets a craving to share it. And with the information mentioned below, you would be advised on a few tips and tricks which can make the people share your ideas and help your business grow.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our list of top 5 tips that you can start using today and transform your ideas into something interesting and exciting for your audience that they would want to share it and help in making it popular. The time for your ideas to finally stand their ground is here.


Make Them Look Good

Think about it for a minute. The things that you share with other people, perhaps on social media, what is the primary reason behind sharing all of it? Be it a movie, a restaurant, a new song, whatever you share, it has a concealed purpose of letting the world see that you are not left out. You are living in the present and are familiar with what’s going on. Part of a reason why people keep sharing thousands of posts on social networks on a daily basis is to make them appear experienced, knowledgeable, or simply just “cool”.

And this is exactly what you have to tap into if you want your business idea to stick. People don’t share anything for the sake of sharing. You must give them something that they can show-off, an element that they can be proud of, or boast around in front of their folks. Start with offering a reward or an incentive to make your idea popular. Much like the mobile games which enable the players to share their high scores with their friends and invite them to a challenge.


Drop A Few Reminders

This brings us to our next tip which can make our idea popular. Allow us to take your attention back to the reasons why people share what they share on the internet. It’s time that you realized that the subconscious plays an imperative part in determining what people share on the social networks. Remember the time when you watched that funny video that you didn’t share it the first time? While you watched it once on Facebook, you found it on Instagram as well after a while, and then on Twitter, and then on Facebook again. Perhaps the fourth fifth time, you were convinced to share it with your friends and family.

Such is a psyche of making your ideas popular. If you address your audience once and tell them everything that they need to know, they are not likely to spread the word. But once you drop a few reminders, tell them more, and simply just make an appearance via different modes, the drastically improve the chances that they’ll finally end up sharing your content with their friends and family. It’s all about tapping into their subconscious and feeding that you exist.


Tap Into Their Emotions

When it comes to marketing your idea or making it popular among the audience, there is hardly anything that can work as strongly in your favor as tapping into their emotions. You could be that silent user of the Facebook who scrolls through all the content and knows everything that everyone has been sharing on the social media but never likes or shares anything, and yet if you find something that taps straight into your emotions, you would not be able to stop yourself from sharing it or at the very least, it’ll be remarkably tougher for you to not share it.

Such is the power of emotions. So you came up with an idea that you have decided to pursue as a business, try to present your startup as one that is focused on charity and donations. Let your audience know that for each and every single one of your sales, a dollar goes straight to a charity or donation for an orphanage. While on one hand, you get the benefit of satisfaction as you are going to be a part of something noble and pure, you will also be able to entice your targeted audience into trying your products and services as well.


Make It More Public

Remember the time when voting used to be a private act. Whether you voted or not was confidential information that only you knew. But then they came up with the thumb markings or the “I voted” stickers which were given to all of the people who visited the polling stations to cast their votes. Did you ever think what was the reason behind such an initiative?

This was just another strategy to tap into the public’s psyche and make an idea popular. Don’t you think that you are highly likely to take some time out and cast your own vote if everyone around you has an “I voted” sticker on their bodies?

The same trick applies to make your idea popular as well. All you have to do is make it visible with banners, brochures, stickers, pamphlets, billboards, even customized pens, cups, and other items, etc. The more visible does your idea get, the more people are going to be likely to give it a go.


All Comes Down To Value

Finally, it all comes down to the value that your idea provides in the lives of the people. In this time and age, everyone is in search of ways to make life better or convenient in some way. The moment you find something that has the potential to accomplish just that, you feel an urge to share it with your friends and family so they can benefit from it too. It’s why you shared the cheesecake recipe with your friends, it’s why you shared that fastest way to fold your clothes video with your mother, the reason why you shared a website with your brother who was searching for a user-friendly tool to manage his finances.

All in all, you can find an alternative for everything, but not the practical value. You can do everything right in hopes of making your idea stick, but if it doesn’t add value to the lives of your target audience, it is unlikely to be popular. This is what accentuates the importance of targeting the right audience as well. Because your idea could be perfectly valuable but for a particular segment of the population. If you have designed an innovative application for producing music and are sharing it with people who are least interested in music in the first place, the likelihood of your idea spreading in the masses is next to nothing.


Finale Note

As evident from the information mentioned above, making your ideas popular and ensuring that they spread like wildfire is a game of psychology. The better you understand the psyche behind what people share and why do they share it, the better you would be able to make your ideas stick in the long run.

The aim of this article was to inform you of the top 5 ways which can help you in making people share your content and rendering popularity to your idea. The best part is that all of the tips mentioned above are easily applicable and are universal regardless of the kind of idea that you have to share with the world. It will surely take time for the results to finally start appearing. But it won’t be wrong to state that the results are guaranteed, nonetheless. So why wait any longer? Start implementing these tips and tricks and we’d be looking forward to your feedback on the kind of impact it cast on making your ideas popular.

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