Quick Guide and Critical Steps to Self-Care Discipline

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Quick Guide and Critical Steps to Self-Care Discipline

In today’s modern world and society, the Self-Care is being pretty much ignored by the vast majority of people. Physical and mental self-care is absolutely necessary for spirit and body growth. Most of the long term illnesses and diseases in this world are caused by a lack of self-care.


When talking about Self Care, there are 3 main categories:

  1. Mental Self-Care
  2. Physical Self-Care
  3. Financial Self-Care


Many of you will probably be surprised seeing the third one on the list, Financial Self-Care, as this has been for so long overlooked and ignored such as the financial status is not playing any role in people’s lives, or does not have any impact on the mood, physical and mental health. So let’s start to analyze each one.


Mental (Spiritual) Self-Care

Everyone has probably heard the saying “Be Careful What You Think and Wish For!”

And it cannot be more accurate. In the meta-physics way of speaking, thoughts are energy frequencies where each thought has its metaphysical form which shapes and forms the world around us.

Well, this is a more scientific angle point of view but the reality is that it’s true. And you don’t need to be a smart scientist in order to understand this. Thoughts create emotions, and emotions form the motions – the things that we do and how we behave.

But it’s not that easy as to say to your mind to think well and smart, control and balance your emotions in order to get what you want out of life. The healthy mental state and attitude, as well as out of box thinking or be strong even in the most uncomfortable situations require some kind of care and discipline.

It’s always good to ask yourself, how can you care about your mental health?

One of the great ways to do so is to regularly stimulate the brain by trying and learning new things. Like this, you are expanding the usage of your brain’s capacity, which also allows you to be smarter, wiser, and more mentally and emotionally stable.

This is super important especially for leaders and entrepreneurs who should always be as an example to others in a respectful manner. Good mental self-care also widely supports Creativity, which is a very important characteristic of a leader or entrepreneur as well.

Brain cells need to be exercised in order to work well for us, just like the body muscles in order to be strong and serve us, not just by looking well, but to truly feel well and complete on the inside.

The crucial fact to realize when speaking of Mental Self-Care is that if you are not willing to take a step further by learning new things and studying yourself, people around you will sense it and notice, and in any kind of entrepreneurship or leadership role, you fall out or get burned. With that being said, it’s worth it being properly prepared and learn from any new situation in life.


Physical (Body) Self-Care

The physical body is like a cafe place, the Temple for our mind and spirit, and physical and mental health are very closely linked together. And if one isn’t quite right or is out of balance, the other will be affected too, and it’s like the self-reinforcing cycle but going the wrong opposite way. The good news is that this self-reinforcing cycle works both ways, so we can actually make ourselves better too.

There are many factors that can be affecting our physical bodies in either the good or wrong way. The important thing here is an honest self-assessment. If you are able to truly answer these few simple questions, then you will learn what do you lack in your physical body.


How comfortable do you feel in your own body?

Do not be one of the so many people who don’t like their bodies, but do nothing about it. If you don’t like how you feel or look, simply change it! The first and most critical step here is to overcome your comfortable safe zone by addressing and working on some of the things that make you feel uncomfortable about your body. It’s a good feeling to love your body, and once you experience it, you will never want it to stop.


Do you eat healthy and fresh food that is good for you?

This very common knowledge that the unhealthy bad food full of grease and sugars is responsible for lot of global diseases such as obesity or diabetes, also leading to frustration, depression, or even death. And it’s not just the bad food that makes people sick, but also the amount, and those two together create literally the walking timing bomb waiting to explode sooner or later and bring some unwanted health-related news. Now, even if you eat healthily, the amount of what you eat every day is important too, mainly to keep the balance.


How much and often do you exercise?

Anyone would recognize the person who exercises for at least 20 minutes every day. How much of the exercise is necessary to keep the balance in the body (energy intake and outtake) is very individual and varies from person to person. The amount of what everyone eats should be always directly proportional to how much of physical activity one puts out. For example, if your everyday work consists of a lot of physical activity like walking, shoveling, digging, climbing, building etc., then it’s a good idea to eat more of high protein food, on the other hand, if you are sitting in the office the whole day then you probably don’t need to eat stakes and fried chips every day unless you go for a 5 kilometer run every day after work.

Other things to ask are how often do you go outside on fresh air, in the park or forest? How’s your sleeping habit, how well do you sleep? Do you wake up fresh and with a good mood every day?

As much as some people would like to think that the physical state of the body has nothing to do with how happy, wealthy, or successful one is, it’s totally false and an excuse not to take care of your physical body properly.

People who are just stressing out, skipping healthy food and exercises in order to complete their tasks that they put up for themselves or their boss did, will once burn out, so be smarter than that.


Financial (Money) Self-Care

Taking care of your financials is the third important step in overall Self-Care and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I cannot even count how many times I heard the phrases such as “Well if I had enough money I would be happy or do XYZ. All around the world, it’s profound that in order to be mentally and physically healthy you don’t need money, and to a certain extent for certain people it’s true. But how many individuals just sacrifice health because of improper financial self-care either having none or having a lot. Both, having too much or too little can cause the problems in life IF you don’t learn how to well manage and care for your finances. Money is never a problem, It’s what people think of it and does with it.

All of these three habits, financial, physical, and mental self-care are together the biggest contributors to the overall performance and well-being of each individual or group.

Don’t be one of those individuals who see self-care as unimportant “Mojo Mambo Jumbo” sort of thing, like you must suffer and sacrifice yourself in order to achieve things you want in life. Some people may even say that involvement with self-care is selfish. None of that simply is true.

Remember this, always start with yourself and then others. Otherwise, how could you help others to solve their problems and issues if you are not doing this for yourself?

It’s like getting a personal fitness trainer who is fat, or financial advisor who is broke. Which by the way is happening often in the world. Focus on yourself and get your own values in order so they can serve you along the way in life. And remember, the beginnings are always the hardest, so don’t get discouraged after practicing self-care for just a few days or weeks, maybe you are so far off that you need to invest months to get you back on the right track. Just like the overweight man who been eating the hamburgers all life will not bring his body into the shape in a few weeks, but rather a few months.

The amazing and wonderful things start happening in your life once you have all three in order. You’ll start drawing interesting people into your life, you’ll become more respectful and respected by people around you, more and better opportunities will start coming. Generally, you start living a more exciting life where every minute counts!

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