guide to mindfulness meditation for beginners

A Comprehensive Guide To Sacred Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

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A Comprehensive Guide To Sacred Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

Congratulations on having landed on this page. It’s proof that you have finally decided to give mindfulness meditation a chance. It is more than likely that the term in itself or the idea is not novel for you per se. But perhaps you don’t understand the concept in its true essence. Sure, the idea of enhancing your mental clarity, being more aware, improving your focus, finding peace, and optimizing your personal and professional life sounds enticing. But such superficial information is barely ever sufficient to invite a new practice into your life. And hence, you are probably here looking for a more in-depth understanding of what mindfulness entails, how to start the journey, and have your questions and queries satisfactorily answered before you can get on with it.

Adopting a new practice is a three-step process that starts with the decision-making and ends with implementation with a pile of information in between that facilitates the transformation from a decision to realization. Now that you have taken the decision, it is time for us to help you collect all the information that can pave the way for you to start practicing mindfulness in your everyday life. And that’s exactly what we aim to achieve with this comprehensive guide.

We have crafted this guide primarily for the beginners of the league of meditation and mindfulness. We understand that such an adventurous new journey can sometimes present with impediments. The aim of this guide is to blend mindful practices in your routine life in a fashion that derives greater peace and leads to a conscientious life. It will put an end to your everlasting yet futile attempt of finding happiness somewhere else; a delusion of what life could have been or what it should be; and bring contentment to you with what it is.

Once you are brought back to the here and now with an amplified ability to remove judgments, deeper and lasting fulfillment will become your destination. But that’s quite enough for a glimpse into the value that this guide holds. Let’s not keep you waiting and dive straight into the guide itself.


An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation


Many would tell you that a human mind is one of the most complicated yet efficient tools at our disposal. Unfortunately, just as many of us forget to highlight a disclaimer that it is also one of the loudest. Remember the time when it felt like you were no longer the master of your thoughts? Of course, you do, considering that it’s pretty much an everyday occurrence for the majority of us. In times like these, certain thoughts will continue to pop in your mind by no deliberate effort of your own. The harder you try to shake them off, the more they would seem to consume you until you end up helplessly looking for a switch to turn them off and regain your mental peace and clarity.

A simple cure to the horrific picture painted above is known as mindfulness meditation. But wait, “sit comfortably and focus on your breath for thirty minutes” isn’t really a statement that reeks of conviction for a beginner looking forward to starting with mindfulness. If anything, it is likely to further stretch the underlying confusion. If such is all the information that you are relying on to start with mindfulness, it is only a matter of time before you lose faith in it. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and try it out. Spare a few minutes of your time, sit on your favorite couch and start focusing on your breath. Then come back and whine about how your brain got even louder than normal the moment you started.

It is because mindfulness is not just about paying attention. It has four components of equal significance.

  • Paying attention
  • On the “here and now”
  • In a specific way
  • With no judgments whatsoever

In other words, mindfulness meditation can be defined as your innate ability to not only be present but also be completely aware of yourself and your surroundings. It is mindfulness that prevents overreactions to whatever it is that is happening around us. Remember that we have used the word “innate” with mindfulness here since it’s an ability that is inbuilt for all humankind. You can think of it as dormant. The ones who invest their time and effort into practicing it are able to finally activate it and get the most out of it on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s make it even simpler. The moment you try to blend awareness with your everyday experiences involving your senses, feelings, and emotions, you are practicing mindfulness. As per the research, there has been substantial evidence that mindfulness meditation can help a great deal in optimizing the mental as well as the physical processes of your body.


What You Need To Know About Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness benefits

Now that you have been briefly introduced about mindfulness meditation and a concept has been developed in your mind, here are a few things that you must know about it before you start practicing.

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