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10 Great Home Exercises to Become More Focused and Calm

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10 Great Home Exercises to Become More Focused and Calm

The world of technology has served us well to make our lives easier and efficient. But the majority of us fail to realize that it comes with side effects that we have been facing for years, and what is now becoming more prominent than ever before. Imagine yourself sitting in an academic lecture. How long do you think you are going to be able to keep your attention? If you are being honest, you won’t be able to answer it in terms of hours. A few minutes is all that our attention span has been reduced to, thanks to being over-reliant on the technology.

The focus of your mind and how calm does it feel, go hand in hand. The more peaceful does your brain feel, the better you are going to focus on the task at hand. In other words, in order to prevent your mind from wandering in the unnecessary thoughts, it is important to keep it calm and peaceful. Taking this into consideration, we have taken the liberty of performing thorough research in order to create a list of 11 simple exercises that you can practice today and make your mind more calm and focused. These exercises will help you take charge again and improve your productivity throughout the day.

  1. Take It Slow

Imagine that you are currently at ground zero in terms of your physical fitness. The rational option would be to join a gym and workout. However, none of your coaches will ever recommend lifting the heaviest weights right from the beginning as it will cause more harm than good. The same principle applies to mental training. If your attention span is currently droopy, the best way to mend it for you is to take it slow and try to gradually improve it. A simple technique would be to use the “Pomodoro Method”. Once you have an assignment, mentally prepare yourself to work for 45 minutes straight without any break and plan ahead for a break for 15 minutes afterward. The reward of a break for 15 minutes sensitizes your brain to keep its focus for the 45 minutes without being overwhelmed.

  1. Remove The Distractions That You Can

There is an infinite amount of information available on the internet. So whatever pops into your mind, you are now hardwired to make a Google Search for it instantly. Talk about getting the information about what’s new on your social networks, the cast of a certain movie, the weather information for tomorrow, and what not. In a way, the availability of all of this information has increased the probability of being distracted at the times when we are supposed to be working. The problem with that is that it takes an average of around 25 minutes for an individual to return his attention to the original task after being distracted, as per a report. Therefore, a simple strategy to keep your mind calm and focused is to remove as many distractions as you can while working. Turn your phone off, or at least put it on silent. If you don’t need the internet while working, turn it off. Isolate yourself from the unnecessary noises. The lesser the distractions, the sharper and lasting will be your focus.

  1. It’s All Within Your Willpower

Remember that none of your strategies to make your mind calm and focused are going to optimally function if you fail to add the ingredient of your willpower. Your attention span is largely dependent on it. As mentioned earlier, there are distractions which are in your control to get rid of, but then there are the ones which are not so much in control. For instance, you may not be the only one in your office who’s working. There may be people working around you, moving around you, talking around you, such are the distractions which are not in your control to reduce. However, your willpower is still in your control. Once you have the willpower to work with your entire focus, your mind automatically does the rest in sending all of such distractions in the background.

  1. Let Meditation Work Its Charm

When it comes to making your mind calm and focused, nothing works wonders as meditation does. Being a traditional practice that has been around for years with literally millions of people testifying to its effectiveness, you can take it for granted that it won’t disappoint you. One of the simplest and time efficient practices that you can adopt is deep, slow breathing. Before starting with a task, sit in a silent corner in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and start to take deep, slow breaths. Slowly inhale through your nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Try to focus on getting your body filled with air and then rushing it out. Repeating this exercise for only a few minutes is a tried and tested way of making your mind calm and focusing it on the “here and now”.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness practices are a subsidiary of meditation which is

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