Mindfulness meditations for busy people

15 Quick & Simple Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People

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15 Quick & Simple Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People

Almost a decade ago, it was the time when certain jobs were considered as hectic like being a doctor, an air traffic controller, a surgeon, a corporate manager, etc. Over the years, however, our lives have turned into a race. It has become a competition for us that we must win or else it feels like getting wiped off the face of the earth. In this run for victory, we often fail to realize how our lives are getting more complicated. It is highly likely that you have a hands-on experience of how busy you have started to find yourself lately. While the impact of a hectic schedule and a busy life is quite wide, your mental health is the very first victim to take the toll.

As per the “World Health Organization (WHO)”, mental health is an indispensable component of health that has even been incorporated into the very definition of “HEALTH”. However, being a silent killer, the anomalies of mental health don’t present as evidently as that of physical health. This is why the majority of us manage to find time for our physical health out of our busy schedule but struggle to lend the same favor to mental health.

Meditation and mindfulness exercises have the same importance and effect on mental health as working out has on your physical health. Failing to realize the significance of mental health, most of us have not experienced the tremendous benefits of meditation in helping you cope with excessive stress and anxiety, and in making you calm and peaceful. If you are someone with a jam-packed schedule and you think that mindfulness exercises will take a lot of your time, we are here to inform you that 15 minutes of your time every day is all that you need to meditate and restore your mood for the better. What’s even better is that you don’t have to get any kind of equipment and can practice meditation literally anywhere, even at your office.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our list of easy to adapt and time efficient mindfulness practices for busy people for a better and stronger mind.

It’s Okay, Just Breathe

You may be wondering what good can breathing do to you, after all, it’s something that you already do every day. But there is a difference between regular breathing and deep breathing as part of meditation. It is one of the simplest, efficient, and effective mindfulness exercise that you can practice to activate the natural relaxation response of your body. All you have to do is ask everyone to leave your office, close the door, sit on a comfortable chair or on the floor in a relaxed position, and start taking deep breaths. Bring your entire focus to your breathing. Take three to four seconds to inhale, hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then exhale slowly in three to four seconds. Practicing this exercise for only 2 minutes can have a remarkable effect in soothing your mind. Have a presentation to make today that you are anxious about? Try the breathing exercise before presenting and see the outcome for yourself.

Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate

The human mind is one of the most complicated yet the simplest thing on the planet. You would experience the simplicity of the human mind when you observe the effect that appreciation can have on it. The second mindfulness exercise on our list for busy people requires a simple appreciation for things, people, and surrounding. For this purpose, take a comfortable position to sit. Make sure that you are away from the noise. Scramble through your mind to find something or someone that you appreciate about your life. Now slowly let go of the other thoughts and focus on that one thing only. Repeat your appreciation for the thing or person calmly in your mind. Practice this exercise for a few minutes to remove excessive stress and anxiety out of your mind. Remember, it could be anything that you appreciate. Perhaps just the view from your office window.

Get Closer To Nature

There’s a reason why we call nature as the “Mother Nature”. It is perhaps the greatest gift that the universe has given us. If you have a busy schedule that is affecting your mental health and making you more cranky, whiny, anxious or stressed, then it is time to get back to the mother nature. If you can find just 15 minutes every day and go to a park, especially the one that has properly cut and groomed grass, you can restore your mood and keep your mind optimally functioning. Just remove your shoes and walk slowly and with a light foot over the grass for 5 minutes. Keep your attention to walking and how the grass feels against the sole. Have a small garden or a lawn in your office? Even better. You can practice it there too.

Cold Shower Is The Way To Go

Again, it is likely that taking a cold shower is something that you already do every morning before leaving for work. But what you are doing wrong is

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