5 Basic Strategies to Build a Purposeful and Meaningful Life

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5 Basic Strategies to Build a Purposeful and Meaningful Life

The pursuit of happiness is a concept that is known to almost all of us. Happiness is considered as the ultimate goal of life. While there isn’t much room to argue with that, there are certain mini-objectives that pave the way to achieve true happiness. What’s unfortunate is that the majority of us focus on getting to our destination i-e happiness, but fail to realize the importance of these objectives which make up this greater goal. If you are looking for true happiness in your life and are interested to know more about its components, each of which can be achieved individually, then we are glad that you landed on this page.

Be it the perspective of psychology or philosophy, it has been established that wishing for a happier life without having a meaning or purpose is like stepping into a battleground with hopes of winning the war while forgetting to bring the weapons. You can consider happiness as an ocean while having a meaningful or purposeful life is like the smaller streams which ultimately empty into this ocean of happiness.

A lack of meaning or purpose in your life doesn’t only lead to boredom, but it eventually disables you from seeing value in your personal as well as your professional life. You lose the energy to focus on the important tasks of your routine and eventually end up with a negative vibe in general. It has also been proven with research that a lack of meaning and purpose in life can translate into higher levels of stress, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and a range of other common mental disorders.

Now that you have been briefed about the importance of having a meaning and purpose in your life, it is time to inform you about the simple strategies that you can adopt today to build a purposeful and meaningful life.

how to build meaningful life

1. You Need To Have A Sense Of Belonging

One of the most important aspects of building a meaningful life is to have a sense of belonging. Remember that we the social animals. It is impossible for us to find meaning in a vacuum. It is our social connections, the intricacies of our personal and professional lives which enables us to have a sense of belonging. Yes, it’s true. Your sense of belonging is not confined to your friends and family, it does also engage your professional relations and how you connect with your colleagues and your workplace in general.

Finding a sense of belonging is of paramount importance for having a purpose in your life. If you are not being accepted by your so-called folks for who you are, it’ll only get harder for you to fit in there. Everyone makes an effort to contribute to his surroundings and it is only humane to look for recognition and appreciation for the part that you play. Failure to have it reciprocated puts you at the risk of losing the sense of belonging that eventually blinds you of the meaning and purpose of life and severely damages the overall quality of life.

A word of advice: if you feel like you don’t belong in an environment or with certain people, it’s probably time for you to move on to the next chapter of your life. There are billions of people on the planet. You don’t have to try and force yourself into being content with something that you don’t have a connection with. Once you get a sense of belonging, you’d be able to see how meaningful and purposeful your life is and that you are indeed surrounded by the happiness that you were too blind to see earlier.


2. What Is It That You Are Looking Forward To?

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