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6 Science Based Strategies How To Be More Intuitive

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6 Science Based Strategies How To Be More Intuitive

What is Intuition

Being more intuitive is without a doubt a trait that automatically makes your personality more charming and interesting. It’s so powerful that some people even think of it as a supernatural force. In simpler terms, intuition is nothing more than a subconscious analysis of available facts by your brain on the basis of which it develops what you commonly refer to as a “Gut Feeling”. There is no argument over the fact that intuition enables you to make smart decisions, be it in your personal life or even in the business world.

A developed intuition opens the doors for you to the information that other people are mostly oblivious of. You can think of intuition as an additional form of intelligence. As such, you can imagine the kind of edge that you can have over the rest of the people once you put an effort into making yourself more intuitive. While the rest of the world will keep its focus to the linear intelligence, you will actually have a secretive weapon in the form of intuition.

If you think that you are not intuitive at all and it is harder for you to be comfortable with a scenario without a thorough, conscious analysis of the situation, the good news for you is that you are not alone in the category. The same plagues literally millions of us. What will distinguish you from them, however, is your fortune that has brought you to this page. While the majority of people fail to put in a deliberate effort into feeding their intuition, the information that we provide you today will help you transform yourself into a fairly intuitive individual.

So brace yourself and focus. You are about to read through a list of top, evidence-based tips which can fuel your intuition and evolve your personality for the better. Here we go!


1. Trust Your Gut

Having a gut feeling about different aspects of our lives is something common to all of us. It is an inherent quality that unfortunately most of us fail to polish. It’s sad that you get to hear literally hundreds of people talking about their gut feelings on a daily basis and yet hardly any of them take it any seriously. Regardless of how bizarre it sounds, keep it in mind that your gut has a way of giving you a hint about an imminent decision. Your digestive system is actually lined with a fair amount of neurotransmitters. So there you go, it is actually doing a lot more for you than simply digesting whatever food that you eat on day to day basis.

Once you develop the skill of tuning into what your gut is telling you about a particular scenario, you will then have an additional source of information that will work to significantly reduce the chances of a wrong decision. All you have to do is focus on the physical sensations that your gut is exhibiting. Ask yourself a simple question of how do you feel about the situation or the decision that you are about to make. If your gut tells you that your associated feelings can be defined in terms of ease and comfort, then it is highly likely that you are on the right track. But if the feelings are those of suspicion, nervousness, and confusion, then it’ll be a good idea to revise your analysis of the situation before you make a final decision.

Putting it simply, the more you focus at what your gut is trying to tell you, the more intuitive you will eventually become over time.


2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Meditation

One of the reasons why people are becoming less and less intuitive with the passage of time is because of the kind of mechanical lives that we are all leading. Rest assured, having a hectic schedule and a busy life with multiple tabs opened inside your brain is pretty much a normal part of this competitive era. Multitasking and keeping your brain occupied is, of course, the need of the hour. But unfortunately, the preoccupation of your mind is exactly what kills your intuition as well.

More often than not, our minds are flooded with thoughts. These could be the clingy ones from the past, the worries of the present, or the panic of the future. The over-analysis of the past or overthinking about the future is something that we have all visited at one point or another. This is what functions to cloud our intuition and push it to the background.

With a few minutes of meditation every day, you can easily refresh your mind, remove all the unnecessary thoughts, stop your mind from wandering and pull your intuition back to the front. You don’t even have to worry about getting indulged in the more advanced forms of meditation. The simpler techniques such as that of deep breathing, body scan, mindful listening, or even having a walk in a park that brings you closer to nature, is more than sufficient to serve the purpose.


3. There’s A Hint In Your Energy Levels

If you think about it, it’s really beautiful how your entire body plays its role in making sure that you make an impeccable decision about any given scenario. The blame is really on us for never tuning into our body’s callings to see what it is that it’s trying to tell us. Just like your gut feeling, your energy levels are also accordingly adjusted to send out a signal about the imminent events. For instance, haven’t you been in a relationship where towards the end, it felt like something is sucking the energy out of you at times when you were with your partner? Haven’t you felt drained or excruciatingly exhausted in someone’s company? The drop in your energy level is essentially your body’s way of telling you that the person you are with is not the right one for you.

On the other hand, there are times when you feel overly excited about an upcoming event. It could be a picnic with the family, a tour with your friends, a game of your favorite sports with your colleagues, etc. You find your energy levels going sky high just in the anticipation of the event. Such an unusual change in the energy level can also be construed as your body telling you that you are on the right track.

By focusing on the change of your energy levels regarding situations, people, decisions, etc. you can easily strengthen your intuition.



4. Don’t Underestimate The Pop Ups

Remember that intuition doesn’t visit your castle of mind with the luggage and plans of staying over for a few days. It’s almost like a pop up inside your brain that fades away just as quickly as it flashes. It’s a surprise appearance of your subconscious that screams “Do It” etc. inside your head and then immediately goes back into the shadows. For example, imagine that you had a road accident. You are scared and confused about your options. Then just like that, without deliberate thought, it pops into your mind to call your Dad as he is the one who can help you out of this mess.

But in a flash of a moment, the thought fades away as your conscious kicks in scares you further about the kind of response your Dad may have regarding the accident. An intuitive person would never underestimate the original pop up and will take it as a hint from his subconscious that’s trying to point him in the right direction. Unfortunately, the majority of us, on the other hand, would rather ignore this calling of the intuition with a whole bunch of “what-ifs”, most of which are not even rational.

In order to be more intuitive, therefore, you need to give prominence to these tiny pop-ups inside your head. If you are expecting your intuition to stay alive and continue to give a series of repeated hints, you are in for a lot of disappointments.


5. Your Mental Health Is The Key

As evident, being more intuitive is a game of the mind. The healthier it is, the better it will work in the realm of intuition. As such, it is imperative that you make a habit of getting involved in mental exercises. As Darwin said, whatever part of your body that you use the most is likely to grow bigger and better. For example, when you hit the gym and lift heavy weights with the use of your muscles, the outcome is bigger and more toned muscles throughout your body. The same principle applies to your mind as well. The more you make use of it, the better it will perform overall.

A few of the simple mental exercises which are known to optimize its functioning and invoke intuition are the ones which summon your creativity. Therefore, if you haven’t been thus far, now would be a great time to get interested in artistic activities like drawing and writing. You can begin with a simple activity of journaling your day to day occurrences. You can choose from a whole range of activities like solving a puzzle, playing word games, taking analytical tests, writing quizzes, etc. The only condition is that the activity must fuel the creative side of your brain.

The more you are involved in the creative activities, the healthier and more optimized will be your brain, and the wider will be its capacity for intuition.


6. Physical Fitness Is The Wonder Drug

Last but not the least in our list of top, evidence-based tips which can help you hone intuition and evolve your personality is that of physical fitness. It is to be kept in mind that the coordination between your mind and body is of the essence if you are looking forward to unlocking your true potential. Physical fitness and mental health go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to imagine one without the other.

As per the medical sciences, your physical health has a direct connection with your mental health. Once you start to put an effort into improving your physical fitness, you start to see the results in terms of a more optimized brain functioning as well. This is because physical exercises like aerobics or cardio are known to stimulate the production of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. These are collectively known as the happy hormones which work to restore your mood, remove the unnecessary thoughts, and provide the clarity of vision. With such effects come a brain that is more optimized for intuition.

Focusing on your physical fitness is perhaps the first baby step that you can take towards making yourself more intuitive.



With that being said, it is understandable that somewhere inside your head, there’s a voice telling you that it is all easier said than done. We are going to be honest with you, the road to becoming more intuitive can’t be confined within the bounds of your comfort zone. This journey is going to be bumpy. You will have to display an incredible show of persistence and patience for sure if you want your efforts to ultimately bear the fruit that you crave.

The reason why it’s a tough terrain is that a lot of us have spent a better part of our lives in second-guessing ourselves and our own skills when it comes to making an important decision. With multiple voices of self-doubt, fear of judgment, fear of being wrong, the feeling of being too weak to take the blame, and the horror of facing the consequences, constantly barking inside your head, it is natural for your intuition to give up and surrender. But here’s a promise for you, if you are persistent and patient with your efforts into becoming more intuitive by following the tips that we have mentioned above, you will eventually be able to take your personality to the next level.

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