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7 Practices to Become a Kind and Generous Person

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7 Practices to Become a Kind and Generous Person

We are living in a world of high competition. Being in a challenging environment has benefits to offer in terms of personal and professional growth, but it certainly comes at a cost. With our increasingly busy schedules in the modern world of today, we have unfortunately lost our values. The importance of being kind and generous has been lost on a lot of us. The concept of altruism that once fueled our societies has reduced to nothing but a word that we don’t use anymore. Somewhere along the way, we have all become so busy with our own lives that no one bothers to think of the greater good, something that goes beyond our personal self.

The true mark of generosity is to be kind and selfless towards others. While the whole essence of being generous revolves around doing something for others, it is quite a paradox that the benefits of being kind and generous include one’s own well-being as well. Generosity works like medicine in improving your mental health. Being selfless towards the people around you puts into action what can only be termed as a “virtuous cycle”. When you are kind and generous towards other people, the likelihood of them being giving towards you is increased, which in turn increase the probability of you reciprocating their affection and this goes on. Such a series of events stimulate the specific parts of your brain which are associated with the feelings of social connection, pleasure, and trust. As a consequence, your overall frequency vibe becomes more warm and positive.

The Ripple Effect Of Generosity

You’d be amazed to know that a simple act of kindness is exponential in terms of its impact. Something as little as saying “Thank you” with a warm smile on your face has a tendency to inspire not only the recipient but also those who witnessed, to be more generous in their daily proceedings. This is known as the ripple effect of generosity which promotes a sense of happiness and peace among people and overcomes the feelings of loneliness.

Now that you know what it actually means to be kind and generous, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could practice it in your life every day? However, in all honesty, being generous and spreading kindness isn’t always as convenient as it sounds. At least in the beginning, it will take a solid voluntary effort to treat people, animals, things, and your surroundings with kindness. But considering the greater good that it accomplishes, the effort is absolutely worth it.

Much like any other habit, it will take some time and practice for you to get to the point where kindness comes naturally to you. But you won’t get there if you don’t start. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 7 practices that you can start with for your journey towards becoming a more generous person.

  1. What Is It That You Are Grateful For?

The first and the foremost thing that you need before you try to spread kindness and generosity among the people around you is to make sure that you feel grateful from within. Nothing works better for invoking a sense of gratefulness in you than compiling a list of what you are absolutely thankful for in your life. It could be a person, it could be your pet, it could be a thing that you have an emotional attachment with, a trip that you took last year, the meal on your dining table, it could be anything at all. Try to free yourself from the noise and start working on your list in a calm and peaceful environment. Try to focus on your energy and your mental state through the process of crafting the list. Try to get a sense of positive change in your vibe as you jot it down.

A similar activity that works to invoke gratefulness in you and prepare you better for being a kind and generous human being is meditation or mindfulness exercises especially the ones which involve a personal mantra. Your personal mantra could be anything from a whole list of positive statements such as “I am thankful for …”. Once you have your personal mantra in your mind, sit comfortably in a silent corner and start with deep, slow breathing. Now slowly start to repeat your personal mantra in your head. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes and let it work its charm into making you calm and peaceful.

  1. Spread Positivity

The easiest language of kindness and generosity that is understandable for the people is that of positivity. The fact is, not everyone can be an overachiever and not everything is good at everything that they do. Nonetheless, while they may be failing at some aspect of their lives, each and every single of your acquaintances are doing well at something. Being kind and generous requires you to remove your

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