self exploration to know yourself better

Your Guide For Self Exploration To Know Yourself Better

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Your Guide For Self Exploration To Know Yourself Better

If you are in search of wisdom, your search should start with the desire to know yourself. It is highly unlikely that “knowing yourself” is a novel concept for you since the majority of us keep on talking about it without actually knowing what it means and what essence does it hold. Even today, if someone was to come to you and ask what do you exactly mean when you support the importance of knowing yourself, what is it that a person should know in order to satisfy the desire of “knowing oneself”, it’ll be reasonably hard for you to answer it with precision.

Make a simple search on Google and you would be overwhelmed of the results highlighting the tips and strategies that you can use to get to know yourself better but what’s unfortunate is that the rambling articles and blogs would still not tell you what is it that you are in search of? How can you use the strategies that they mention without having an in-depth understanding of what is it that you want to know about yourself in the first place?

Taking that into consideration, we have taken the liberty of giving you a different perspective about self-exploration. Instead of stating the obvious tips to use for self-exploration, we have taken a different approach to inform you about the constituents of “knowing yourself”. Once you have the answer to what you need to know about yourself in order to understand yourself better, you can employ a wide range of tips and tricks available on the internet to accomplish the goal.

Have you ever heard of the “VITALS”? While it’s a concept used mostly in healthcare, you must be familiar with what it means since it is fairly general as well. What if I told you that your VITALS are essentially what informs you about the person that you are. But wait, no, the VITALS we are referring to are not the ones used in Healthcare. It is actually an acronym of Values, Interests, Temperament, Around the clock, life goals, and strengths. These are the six primary components of self-exploration.


1. What Values Do I Have?

In an attempt to know yourself better, the first question that you should ask yourself should be about your values. Simply put, your values are the driving force for almost all of your decisions. Think about it, don’t we use our values as motivators to make all of our decisions? Some would make their life decisions based on a desire to help others. Here’s a leading value that is facilitating their decisions. Others would probably use their desire to be creative while finalizing their decisions. Here’s a different value, but one that is serving the same purpose. If you evaluate your own decisions, yours probably are based on your desire to be healthy or financially secure. Hence, the first step for self-exploration is to evaluate your values because that informs you of the force that usually drives your life decisions.

Start with sitting yourself in a calm and peaceful environment with a piece of paper and a pen. Ask yourself a question about your values and make a list of all that you can think of. It’s all right there in your subconscious. You just haven’t ever given it a chance to come out that has created a barricade for yourself in knowing yourself better. Now that you are taking some time out to explore your values, your journey for self-exploration has begun. As per psychology, just knowing your values is highly effective in improving your capability of making healthy decisions.


2. What Am I Interested In?

Once you know your values, it is time for you to focus on your interests. For a better idea, you can think of your interests as your hobbies or things that you feel passionate about. Whatever it is that has the potential to keep your attention for a reasonable amount of time falls under the category of your interests. The good news is that evaluating your interests isn’t as hard as you would think. It’s all about investing your time into it. As in the case of values, all you have to do is find a calm and peaceful environment where you can sit quietly with yourself. A few of the simples questions which can shed some light on what you feel interested in includes and are not confined to the following:

  • What is it that I subconsciously pay attention to?
  • What is it that makes me curious and inspires me to know more about it?
  • What is it that is usually a matter of concern for me?

The importance of knowing and understanding your interests is unparalleled. It informs you about the things that you are passionate about and highlights the kind of life that you desire to live. Once you have a deeper understanding of your interests, you are in a much better position to make the right decision about choosing a line of work. For instance, you might have chosen healthcare for academia but you find yourself passionate about writing. Putting an effort into realizing your passion will enable you to blend the two and choose a career in healthcare blogging instead. All in all, having knowledge about your interests presents a clearer picture of what is it that you want to do in your life.


3. How Does My Temperament Define My Preferences?

Did you know that it is your temperament that

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