Become an Ayurvedic Practitioner of Ayurveda Healing To Reshape Your Health

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Become an Ayurvedic Practitioner of Ayurveda Healing To Reshape Your Health

Regardless of whether you have tried it or not, it is unlikely that you have never heard of the term Ayurvedic Medicine. Such is the popularity of Ayurveda. Historically speaking, this alternative form of medicine is believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000 years ago. It is considered as a holistic approach to healing the body’s systems. Considering that it has been around for more than 30 centuries and is still practiced widely to date, it is perhaps okay to take the health benefits of Ayurveda for granted.

The primary theory that fuels Ayurveda is that an impeccable balance between the mind, the body, the spirit, and the rest of the Universe is required to enjoy optimum health. Almost all of the practices and treatments which fall under the category of Ayurveda are aimed at restoring this balance between the three crucial components of your life force. It is important to realize that Ayurveda is widely used for the promotion of health and not as a cure against diseases. In conjunction with the advanced medicine, however, such practices are known to dramatically increase the likelihood of a timely recovery.

A wide range of factors including the climate, birth defects, age, genetics, seasonal change, injuries, and even your emotions can cause a disturbance in the natural balance of the life force that results in illnesses. But there is an equally populated list of Ayurvedic practices which can enable you to restore the balance and reshape your health. With that under consideration, we have taken the liberty of highlighting 8 of the prominent Ayurvedic practices which are known to be effective in optimizing your health. If you are someone who takes his long-term health any seriously, you are likely to find the information that follows highly useful for yourself.


1. Meditation And Mindfulness

Most people don’t realize it but meditation and mindfulness are indeed a prominent practice in Ayurvedic medicine. The origin of such practices dates as back as the concept of Ayurveda itself, to the times of Buddha. Excessive research has been performed on meditation and mindfulness and it has been a matter of great debate for the niche of psychology owing to its benefits in restoring the mind, body, spirit balance with the rest of the universe for the purpose of optimizing physical as well as mental health.

The health benefits of meditation and mindfulness are plenty. In the realm of mental health, it is known to uplift your mood by stimulating the production of happy hormones. In the meantime, it downplays the stress hormone (cortisol) in order to guard you against the hazards of excessive stress on a day to day basis. Such practices are known to be effective in preventing overthinking and removing the unnecessary thoughts out of your mind to restore your concentration that translates into better productivity and creativity.

In terms of physical health, meditation and mindfulness have been proven to be effective in optimizing the breathing and heart rate while keeping the blood pressure under the normal range. Practices like eating can help a great deal if you have been in pursuit of a weight loss goal but to no avail thus far. By restoring the mind, body, spirit balance, it can also help minimize the pain and cure migraine headaches. There has been evidence of such practices improving the odds of modern medicine being effective in curing the illnesses as well.


2. Deep Breathing

The second most effective practice in Ayurveda medicine that can help you reshape your health is that of deep breathing. The practice has multiple variations and goes by various names such as square breathing, cleansing breath, or breath retention. In the Buddhist culture from where this Ayurvedic practice originated, it is referred to as Pranayama.

The health benefits of deep breathing are plenty. The most prominent one being a surge of fresh air or oxygen that fills your body and enhances your vital energy. If performed correctly, the practice utilizes the abdominal muscles which help in promoting digestion. It optimizes the metabolism in a fashion that enables the body to get the most nutrients out of the food that you consume. Deep breathing has also been entitled with an added benefit of massaging the internal organs which improve their functionalities as well.

Deep Breathing is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic practice throughout the world for its properties including being time-effective without the need of a coach for assistance. Furthermore, the breathing exercise is usually claimed to present instant results specifically in terms of optimizing mental health. All you need to practice deep breathing is a peaceful environment that is free of excessive noises and distractions, and a few minutes of your time. You can practice it easily in your home or even at your workplace to promote your health and overall quality of life.


3. Yoga

There is no argument over the fact that the thought of trying Ayurveda crosses almost everyone’s mind at some point in life. But once they find out the true essence of the practices like meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, etc. is sitting with themselves idly in solitude while keeping the focus, they begin to cringe away. The reason is that it is not always convenient for us to sit idly, much less in solitude while taking yourself seriously as well. If you identify yourself as one such individual, you will find the answer in practicing Yoga.

The good news for you is that with Yoga, you are going to be able to relish all of the health benefits of Ayurveda as mentioned above while finding a way out of having to sit with yourself in silence without moving. Yoga enables you to turn practicing Ayurveda into a kind of an exercise with various postures working impeccably to further enhance your physical health. Focusing on your inner-self, your emotions, and feelings, in the meantime, deliver the identical mental health benefits as mentioned above.


4. Massage

If you had a goal of toning your muscles, the first thing that’ll pop into your mind would be to hit the gym and lift some really heavyweights. While the idea is not wrong in principle, did you know that Ayurveda can help you achieve the best muscle tone possible when done in conjunction with a work out regime?

Yes, getting a massage has been associated to serve the role of toning your muscles. But the benefits aren’t limited to that. Getting a few minutes of professional massage can also help you cope more effectively with the routine stress while protecting your physical and mental health to take the toll. Professional massages are also useful in keeping your heart young and healthy to ensure optimum functionality. Thanks to an added benefit of better lymphatic flow, you would be able to find a solution against edemas as well. What’s even more interesting is that the professional massages can also help a great deal in increasing the bowel movements for individuals who have a somewhat constant complaint of constipation.

Did you see that we have used the “professional massages” in the content above? The reason is that the technicalities of each kind of massage which deliver the benefits as stated above are only known to a professional masseuse. Having someone run their hands through your body while applying pressure at random spots isn’t going to help in this regard. So, you can think of this Ayurvedic practice as something that will require a coach for optimum results in terms of reshaping your health.



5. Sleep-Cycle

This would perhaps come as shocking for multiple reasons. First of all, how is the sleep-cycle a part of Ayurveda medicine and secondly, how does the sleep-cycle play a role in optimizing your health and quality of life in the first place? We are not kidding, though. As per Ayurveda, getting sufficient hours of sleep every night is an imperative practice that restores the balance between your mind, body and the spirit with the rest of the universe.

Think of it like this. It is the time that you are sleeping that is used by your mind to recharge its batteries and freshen itself up to perform up to its true potential when the body wakes up. Minimizing the hours of sleep will constantly keep your mind exhausted putting it at a greater risk of mental illnesses.

Similarly, your physical body does the same. Take an example of working out, for instance. It is the time that you are sleeping that is used by your body to grow the muscles both in size and strength. The increase that you witness right after the work out is not it. It is commonly referred to as the “Pump”. The actual growth can only be realized after sufficient hours of sleep.

Since your mind, body, and spirit are using the sleep time to restore their balance and align themselves with the rest of the universe, it is indispensable in the Ayurvedic medicine that you get sufficient hours of sleep every day to realize the long-term health benefits.



6. Warm Water

Finally, here’s another one of the simplest Ayurvedic practices that you can start using from right now and experience its many health benefits in the long run. Summers are upon us and there is hardly anything that feels as great as drinking a glass of cold water as you get home from work. But did you know that it is an anti-health practice? While the concept has its origin in Ayurveda, even modern medicine agrees that consuming warm water can serve multiple health benefits. For instance, it enables your digestive system to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the consumed food. It also helps your body to not pass all of the water that you consume in the urine but make it more accessible and useful for the body. If you would like to optimize your digestive system and promotes its function to direct it towards better health, it is recommended to make it a habit to consume warm water instead even through the days of summer. It is not going to be easy, but nothing great ever grows out of a comfort zone. You’ll have to compromise a temporary joy for a long-term health benefit. If you think about it, though, it’s a fair deal.

Moreover, a hot cup of tea has turned into more of a trend in this time and age. It is no longer a practice only for the British, but tea is now being accepted widely as the choice of hot beverage across the globe. If you love drinking tea as well, it might be time for you to listen to Ayurvedic recommendations and switch it with the Ginger tea instead. It will help you relish the same health benefits as mentioned above with the consumption of warm water.



Remember that Ayurveda is a broad concept. Regardless of how hard you dig, it is unlikely that you will be able to hit the rock bottom. But we have tried to keep you from the complications and get you started with the simplest and the easiest to follow Ayurvedic practices which are known to be highly effective in reshaping your health. The best part of Ayurveda is that it’s a one-stop-shop if you would like to relish the benefits in terms of mental health, physical health, as well as spiritual health.

If you would like to see what the optimum health has to offer and it changes your personal and practical life, it is time that you gave Ayurveda a go. The Ayurvedic practices are time-effective which blend easily into your schedule and yet the benefits that these practices produce are huge and lasting. So, what are you waiting for? Try Ayurveda today and feel free to share your experience with us.