how to keep yourself motivated

How to Keep Yourself Motivated

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I did answer this question because it’s something that I and many others been and go through, so it’s a good idea to address this.

In life, one has to be inspired and motivated, having a genuine interest in various things to explore and learn more, grow and progress.

But the things are not always exactly as we dreamed, planned, and pictured to be, and that’s the time and moment when we lose the reason/motivation to keep focused and go on.

The life is like four weather seasons, there is a summer, and there is a winter, and spring with fall in between. Now, you may be a very fortunate and lucky person who loves all of them the same, but in most of the cases, one is being favored more than others.

We live in duality and we need to train our mind and heart to learn to live in balance with everything. Nothing is either only good, and nothing is just bad. These always fade into each other like a depiction of East Asian JingJang.

how to keep yourself motivated


How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Interested?


I know this is a hard thing to do sometimes, and for some people harder than for others, depending on many various circumstances.

As for motivation, what I have learned and trained to the sort of a habit, is Do It Anyway!

I would get so passionate about one thing, start working on it, and then after a while just stop, losing the motivation, inspiration, and interest.

Then I would move onto another thing and do the same.

This created a lot of frustration because so many great things been started and never finished. And of course, the fact that they were mostly my own projects allowed me to quit each time.

There were many reasons like losing the interest, losing the inspiration, losing the confidence, and all kinds of fear etc.

So how to keep yourself motivated?

Just Do It Anyway.

I learned and turned this into my habit when starting exercising to be more fit and look good.

Basically, be generally satisfied with me when it comes to health and body.

But it was very hard to be motivated to do such a thing, but I always pushed myself and did it anyway.

And to my surprise I actually many times enjoyed it!

Once I realized the “mind trick”, I implemented the yoga and cold showers as well.

One year later, when I wouldn’t exercise or have a cold shower for a couple of days I would feel weird and nervous, and I would have to find the place and time to do my new habit.

It’s because this new habit been slowly recorder to the Subconscious Mind by doing and repeating the same thing and same action again, again, and again…

I have another GOOD and TRUE saying, “Fake It Until You Make It”.

This is applicable to anything you want.

Money, Health, Fame, Success…you name it 🙂

  1. Do It Anyway
  2. Fake It Until You Make It

These are the 2 steps that can literally transform your life depends on how deep are you willing to go. It requires strong discipline and hard work, but it’s so much worth it.

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