how to have a human free will

How Do Humans Have a Free Will Good or Bad

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Is a Free Human Will Good or Bad?

Free will is something that we all have in common. but many times we like to think the opposite just to get rid of the responsibility for the decisions that we make saying something like, “I didn’t want to, but I had to do it because…”

There is almost always some external factor to blame whether it’s another person or situation that came up.

It’s a truth that not all of our decisions we make are to be Good, especially if the one is not fully aware or enlighten in this time of the journey, on this planet. Ego and anger usually take the best of these individuals and they mess up, even more, being caught up in this vicious circle.

how to have a human free will


Here is the original answer from Quora:

Do human beings have free will, if not, are human beings on the deepest level good, bad, selfish, self-serving, or what else?

But most of the time a problem arises when people think that they don’t have a free will.

We are all living in the duality, there is not one without another whether it’s Good – Bad, Hot – Cold, Up and Down, South – North, Happy – Sad etc. It’s how we perceive the world.

I believe the main goal and challenge is to experience and learn as much as possible, and understand the concepts like bad or self-fish, to be able to learn and deal with everything better and more efficiently.

This also eliminates the frustrations or depressions because you see and feel the progress in life which is what almost every human being needs.

But to answer if human beings are on the deepest level good or bad, I Say Good! Just imagine how much damage all people (over 8 Billion) could do to each other if it wasn’t the case.

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