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How To Plan And Prepare For Your Daily Meditation Practice

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It is a common misconception that meditation is only for people who are facing frequent episodes of anxiety. What we fail to realize is that the root cause of persistent anxiety is excessive stress. Considering the pressures of everyday life, be it during the academic life, or a professional one, the financial troubles, or those concerning the relationships, we are all being exposed to stress on a regular basis. It won’t be wrong to state that most, if not all of us are at risk of developing anxiety at some stage of life due to such a high-stress environment that we are all thriving in.

“Prevention is better than cure” is the new slogan of the world of Public Health. With the benefits that meditation has to offer, it aligns itself impeccably with the goal of preventing anxiety, depression, and other common mental disorders by addressing the challenge of excessive stress at an early stage before it gets any worse. Stress is a silent killer and its effects on the body and on your overall health don’t show up until after the damage has been done. This is what accentuates the importance of regular meditation for everyone in an attempt to keep stress in check.

Much like a workout regime, regular meditation requires a fair amount of planning and preparing yourself if you want to keep the habit for a longer term. In order to make the task easier for you, we have taken the liberty of crafting a comprehensive guide on how to plan and prepare for your daily meditation practice. Without further ado, let’s go through the guide and help you with planning and preparing for taking up the habit of daily meditation.

Having An Intention Is Important

As mentioned earlier, adopting meditation as a habit requires planning and preparing for it. And that begins with a firm and vivid intention to meditate on a regular basis. Starting with meditation without setting up an intention may work for a day, perhaps two, or even a week, but eventually, you will find the motivation fading away. Having an intention makes it easier to remind yourself of the reasons why you have chosen to opt for meditation. With a daily reminder in the morning before you start your day, you’d be able to keep up the motivation and regularly practice meditation and reap its benefits of keeping stress in check and making you more peaceful and calm. Much like you have an intention of taking good care of your physical body when you decide to take up a fitness regime, you must have an intention of being kind to your body when you plan and prepare for daily meditation.

Discipline Is The Key

The next thing that you need to effectively plan and prepare for daily meditation is discipline. It is recommended to decide on a fix time when you will practice meditation on a daily basis. The goal here is to decide a time with minimal distractions and interruptions, for instance, early in the morning before starting the daily activities, or right before sleeping when you are done for the day. The reason being; if you plan it in the afternoon, you may be at work and get caught up in a meeting and end up missing it for the day. Similarly, in the evening after work, you may get a call from your friend for an invitation to a get together with the end result being the same. Therefore, deciding on a fixed time and following it religiously is imperative for meditation to keep the “cheat days” at minimal, achieve the results faster, and keep the motivation fly high.

Environment Matters

If you have been making research into meditation for a while now, there must have been numerous occasions when you were told that the best part of meditation is that it is not time-consuming and can be practiced literally anywhere. However, it doesn’t mean that you can effectively meditate right in the middle of a huge crowd and excessive noise. Can you meditate at your home? YES; in your office? Why not?

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