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6 Memory Improvement Techniques How to Improve Memory

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6 Memory Improvement Techniques How to Improve Your Memory

How Memory Works

Your brain performs a million different tasks for you on a day to day basis. And yet, it won’t be wrong to state that your memory is still one of the most prominent functions that are governed by your brain. Regardless of your occupation, a strong memory is a surefire way to get an edge over the rest of the candidates and make your mark in the line of work. A sharp memory can even help a great deal in improving your personal life as well. After all, how many times did it slip your mind that it was your wife’s birthday and had to suffer the inconvenient circumstances which could have easily been avoided if only your memory didn’t decide to bail on you?

A decline in memory is commonly associated with the growing age. While the medical facts are not to be questioned, there are tips that you can deploy to not only optimize your memory and mental performance through the days of your prime youth, but also help a great deal in delaying the aforementioned decline with age as well. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, its ability to adapt and change at any given age serve to function as a tool that you can use to enhance your memory and overall cognitive capacities.

The aim of this article is to highlight the top, simple to follow, and highly effective strategies which have passed the test of time in being evidently useful for improving human memory. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our list of top 6 strategies that you can start using today and experience the amazing effect it casts on giving a boost to your memory.


1. Your Brain Needs To Workout

Remember the time when you wanted your body to be stronger, well-toned, and perform optimally in the realm of physique? What did you do to accomplish your goal? You joined the gym at the corner of your street and started working out. The same principle applies for the purpose of enhancing your memory as well. As mentioned earlier, the performance of your memory is a game that is entirely in control of your brain. The sharper and stronger it is, the better it will perform in terms of serving as a memory center.

But what does it really mean to exercise your brain? If you think about it, there are certain activities that you partake on a regular basis which don’t feed on your mental power much. Listening to music, for example, is an activity that doesn’t require a sharp or highly focused mind. But then there are other activities which require you to summon your cognitive capacities to perform them properly. Say, for instance, playing a game of chess with your friend. The latter is essentially an example of the activities which exercise your brain. The more you partake in such activities, the stronger and more focused will your mind become over time, and the sharper will be your memory. Activities like reading a book, solving the puzzles, taking the analytical quizzes, etc. are known to be effective in improving your memory. Simply put, just about any activity that introduces you to a novel concept, is challenging in nature, is likely to build a new skill in you, and is rewarding, falls in the category of mental exercise.


2. Stress Is An Enemy

Anything that has the potential to disrupt your mental health is the killer for your goal of sharpening your memory. More often than not, we see a friend who’s losing his hair lately and we are automatically triggered to associate it with stress. What we don’t realize, however, is that stress does a lot more than making you lose your hair. It creates a barricade between you and your true mental potential that prevents you from enhancing and optimizing your memory.

In order to unlock your true mental performance and give your memory a little boost, it is required to keep the daily stress in check. For this purpose, a time-efficient yet effective strategy is to practice meditation and mindfulness. Such ancient Buddhist practices are known to clear up your head, give you the freedom from a self-imposed prison of your disturbing and troubling thoughts, dial down the overthinking, bring you to the here and now, restore your mood, and activate the natural relaxation response of your body; all of which works in harmony to liberate you of the burden of stress and anxiety that you’ve been keeping on your shoulders.

The tips to fight stress could be plenty, but the reason why we have specifically focused on meditation and mindfulness is that these strategies are highly time efficient. It is understandable for you to be a little too caught up in the daily grind that you may not find a lot of time to adopt the strategies that can counteract the daily stress. And that’s where meditation and mindfulness work like a charm. You’d be amazed to know that all you need is a few minutes of your time only to practice meditation every day and relish its benefits of keeping stress in check.


3. The Coordination Of The Mind And The Body

Remember that it is hardly ever sufficient to exercise your brain and expect it to perform optimally when your body is not in perfect harmony with it, in the first place. For the ideal results in terms of sharpening the memory, it is imperative to establish coordination of the mind and the body. This is what highlights the importance of keeping physical activities as an essential part of your day.

Being physically active has impacts which go way beyond the physical realm and into the territory of your cognitive abilities. Thanks to stimulation of happy hormones such as endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, etc. physical activity can help to restore your mood and minimize stress. But that’s not all. Physical activities are further effective in ensuring the optimal supply of oxygen to the brain, minimizes the risk for you to develop medical conditions which can cause a decline in your memory such as that of the cardiovascular diseases or Diabetes, and stimulate the growth factors which are involved in creating new neural connections and enhance the neuroplasticity of the brain, all of which translates directly into a sharper memory and a genius mind.


4. Find Time To Socialize

It can’t be emphasized more that enhancing your memory is all about

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