how to connect with subconscious mind mindfulness meditation exercises

How to Exercise Mindfulness Meditation To Connect With Your Subconscious Mind

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How to Exercise Mindfulness Meditation To Connect With Your Subconscious Mind

Meditation and mindfulness are names that you have casually heard a million times before and perhaps even have had a discussion about these practices with your friends. But have you ever taken some time out to dig deeper into what it is and what it has to offer in terms of strengthening your subconscious mind? More often than not, the advantages associated with meditation and mindfulness are discussed superficially and confined to mental health and how they can improve their cognitive abilities. Hardly does anyone realize that these benefits actually penetrate deeper into the realm of the subconscious mind.

Be it your learning abilities or the inside voice that helps you heal, your subconscious mind is always in action, giving a boost to your creativity and productivity, giving you a clarity of vision, improving your memory capacity, and organizing your emotions and feelings. Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind plays just an important role in shaping your personality as that of your conscious mind.

Now that you have an overview of the crucial role that your subconscious mind has to play, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was time effective, simple to follow a strategy that could help you tap into your subconscious mind and strengthen its powers? Well, then you are in luck as meditation and mindfulness can serve the exact role for you. But you don’t have to take it for granted. Let us elaborate on how such ancient practices help you connect with your subconscious mind and strengthen its powers.


1. Open The Gates For The Natural Relaxation Response

The reason why the subconscious mind for an average person is inaccessible is that the cognitive component of the brain always manages to steal the show. With a hectic schedule with literally millions of things going on for us on a day to day basis, it is getting close to impossible for us to find some time and refresh our brains in a fashion that enables the cognitive mind to take a rest and let the subconscious mind strengthen its powers.

Thanks to meditation and mindfulness, you now have a simple technique that enables you to let go of all the stress and activate the natural relaxation response that is an in-built feature of your body that you were so far unaware of. By activating this response, meditation takes the burden off the shoulders of your cognitive mind and put it to rest while the subconscious mind uses this time to come to the foreground and be more accessible for you.

It is this time when you have access to the subconscious mind when you can put an effort into bonding with it for the purpose of strengthening its power and extract all the help out of it that you can for the purpose of emotional management, improved learning abilities, widened memory capacity, and a range of other features that are directly or indirectly in control of your subconscious mind.


2. Time To Go Back To The Here And Now

Another major reason why the subconscious mind is not accessible for you is that your cognitive mind is too habitual of living in the memories of the past or worries of the future. Whatever time that it can get to take a rest, it chooses to spend that time divulging into what has happened in your life and what is supposedly going to happen in the years to come. This is yet another type of preoccupation of the cognitive mind that disables your subconscious mind to come to the foreground.

Meditation and mindfulness are ancient Buddhist practices which are effective in this regard as well since the whole point of finding a quiet corner where you can sit with yourself in silence is to make sure that you collect all of your thoughts that are wandering in the past or the future and bring them to the here and now. Such practices require you to

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