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Ultimate Guide To Start Ketogenic Diet for Weightloss: Pros and Cons

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Ultimate Guide To Start Ketogenic Diet for Weightloss_ Pros and Cons

Welcome to 2019; an era with such an excessive competition that our lives are getting busier by the day. Be it your professional life or personal relationships, things have been getting so demanding for you that you barely find yourself with time to take care of the single most important person in your life, “YOU”. Seriously, do you even remember the last time when you went on a walk just for the sake of physical activity? Can you even name the gymnasiums near your house? When was the last time you worked out and gave the importance to your physical and mental health that it so evidently deserves?

Such is a side effect of being a part of this rat race that we so proudly name as our lives in this time and age. The lack of physical activity has put this generation at the greatest risk of being obese than ever before. And sure, an ounce of confidence can help you make peace with that additional layer of fat on your body, but the truth is, that the consequences of being overweight are direr and penetrate deeper than just the appearance.

Yes, we totally support the idea that nothing looks more charming than the confidence of accepting one’s self. But if you have been struggling with gaining a bit of extra weight, can you really pretend that you are so absolutely comfortable with it that you wouldn’t budge even if there was something that you could do about it without having to take additional time for such an effort? If so, then good for you. This guide is NOT for you then and you are welcome to skip.

But if the idea of finding your way back to the optimum range of weight for your height and age excites you, read along and brace yourself to dramatically change your life for the better.


“I’m Ready – Show Me The Answer”

Physical activity is important, yes. But losing weight is a goal that is accomplished a lot more in the kitchen than it is in the gym. In other words, your diet has a lot to do with how effectively and efficiently would you be able to lose weight. How would you like to opt for a restrictive diet that doesn’t leave you with a consistent feeling of deprivation and hunger, but on the contrary, enables you to lose weight without sucking the energy out of you? Sounds thrilling? This is what your basic Ketogenic Diet can serve for you.


An Introduction To The Ketogenic Diet

In the simplest of terms, Ketogenic diet also known as the Keto diet is an eating plan that relies majorly on high-fat and low-carbohydrates. Yes, we can understand the shock on your face and it’s totally justified. We have been talking with such confidence about losing weight and here we are highlighting a high-fat diet for you. Something doesn’t add up, right? It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense for you right now. Read along and it will eventually start to.

The idea of the Ketogenic diet is certainly not a new one. Have you ever heard of these amazing body transformations of the celebrities? All these famous people managing to keep their body in such an impeccable form that it makes you envious to your very soul? Well, guess what is it that helps them accomplish the fitness goal despite their busy schedules? More often than not, the answer is the Keto diet. Celebrities like Adriana Lima and Halle Barry have also been forwardly vocal in their interviews about how effective they have found such an eating plan.

The primary reason why the high-fat diet helps you transform your body into a machine that burns fat faster than normal is the way it changes the entire mechanism that the human body usually utilizes to extract energy out of the consumed food. Ordinarily, your body would metabolize the carbohydrates and turn them into glucose which can then be used as a source of energy for bodily functions. With the Ketogenic diet that keeps your body fueled with high-quality good fats and minimize the consumption of carbohydrates, your body is forced to use these fats as a source of energy and break its reliance on the carbohydrates to produce glucose to serve the purpose. Consequently, your body is trained to burn fats at a greater pace than usual.


A Quick Sneak Peek Into Ketosis

The process elaborated above in which your body relies on the good fats as a source of energy rather than carbohydrates is generally termed as Ketosis. The liver plays an active role in transforming the stored fats of your body as well as the ones from your diet into molecules that are known as Ketones; much like the glucose that is produced from carbohydrates in a body that has not been shifted towards Ketosis.

As a rule of thumb, if the Ketone levels in your body reach 0.8 millimoles per liter, the body is said to have activated Ketosis or what you can call as the weight loss mode. With a Ketogenic diet, you are essentially lending a hand for your body to accumulate Ketones and activate this weight loss mode.


How Does The Ketogenic Diet Work For Weight Loss?

keto diet for weightloss

Let’s take a moment and compare the ordinary processes with the ones which are brought into action with Ketosis. When your body is completely reliant on glucose as a source of energy, it only makes sense that you will consistently have to provide carbohydrates in the form of diet. This has the potential to work up the appetite and give rise to cravings. Consequently, you eat more and with a lack of physical activity to metabolize the incoming glucose, you set yourself up to gain more weight.

On the other hand, once Ketosis has been activated, your body starts to depend on the fat stores for a constant supply of energy. The fat reserves in your body are more than sufficient to never let you run out of energy. Since the body fat itself is acting as a source of energy, your appetite and cravings are minimized while the fat reserves are simultaneously being burned at a greater pace. This is what promotes effective and efficient weight loss in the long run.

There are two prominent hormones that are impacted by the Keto diet in an attempt to accomplish the weight loss goal; CCK (Cholecystokinin) and Ghrelin. The former is a hormone responsible for making you feel full. The latter, on the other hand, is the one that promotes your appetite which is why it is commonly known as the “Hunger Hormone”. As evident, the Ketogenic diet works to stimulate the production of CCK so you’ll feel more satisfied and full after your meals while it reduces the levels of Ghrelin in the bloodstream at the same time, to keep the cravings at bay for a longer period of time. Simply put, with variations in these hormonal levels, you will feel fuller with shorter meals and will manage to stretch the time between each of your meals. This entire process that builds the foundation of Ketosis ultimately promotes weight loss.


The Truth About Restricting Calories To Lose Weight

restricting calories to lose weight


An intriguing mind may question; why shouldn’t I just stick with the old-fashioned calorie restriction to lose weight? Mind it that we are in no way implying that restricting calories can’t accomplish the goal of weight loss. All we are suggesting is that the Ketogenic diet is a simpler, easier, and more practical way of realizing the goal. The thing with restricting calories is that

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