Top Foods Good for Kidneys Health, Repair, and Optimal Functions

Top Foods Good for Kidneys Health, Repair, and Optimal Function

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Foods Good for Kidneys Health, Repair, and Optimal Function

The kidney is surely a small organ. But if you think its role is going to reflect the same then you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The small bean-shaped organ is involved in the production of urine that shows the waste material a way out of your body. Kidneys play a crucial role in maintaining the homeostasis as well while stimulating the production of various hormones which help in stabilizing the blood pressure. Owing to the indispensable functions that kidneys serve for your survival, it is understandable that any sort of damage or malfunctioning of the organ can not only lead to complications but can even cause fatalities in the worst-case scenario. Two of the most important factors which determine the overall health of your kidneys include your regular diet and lifestyle habits. For instance, excessive consumption of junk food, alcoholism, smoking, lack of physical activity has been linked to the potential hindrances in the optimal functionality of the kidneys.

Medical conditions such as that of hypertension and Diabetes is also known to fuel the worsening of kidney function. The fact that as high as 10% of the population suffers from kidney and related complications should be sufficient in accentuating the importance of taking good care of your kidneys. While there may be plenty that you could do to ensure healthier kidneys, it is always a wise decision to start with your diet. You’d be amazed to see how adjusting your diet and including a few natural foods can go a long way in protecting your kidneys against harm. For someone who has already developed kidney disease or is at the risk of one, it is recommended to restrict the consumption of three primary components namely Sodium, Potassium, and Phosphorous as part of their regular diets.

With thorough research, we have highlighted the top food options for people who are concerned about the health of their kidneys.



Egg Whites

First things first, if you have ever been told by someone that the yolk part of an egg is not nutritious or worse, bad for your health, you have been living a lie for a while. Remember that egg yolk is full of nutrition, although it’s not a suitable option for people who are at risk of kidney disease. It is primarily because it is high in phosphorous. Therefore, for your kidney health, egg whites are a more suitable option since it is one of the best sources of proteins for your body which are also kidney-friendly. If you would like to maintain the overall health of your kidneys, it is time that you incorporated two egg whites as part of your regular diet.




Okay, it is understandable if you are not too crazed about the idea of consuming Cauliflower on a day to day basis, but your lack of motivation is perhaps because you are unaware of the dietary benefits that it has to offer. Did you know that this vegetable is rich in Vitamin B folate, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K? Simply put, it could be your natural multivitamin tablet that you currently pay for to ensure optimal concentrations of vitamins in your body. But that’s not all, it also enables you to get the benefits of high fiber content and anti-inflammatory compounds such as the likes of indoles which help a great deal in optimizing the function of kidneys. The health benefits of Cauliflower are quite similar to that of Potatoes, however, thanks to the low potassium component, Cauliflower is a better option for someone who wishes to keep his kidney healthy.


Red Grapes

Finally, here’s something that offers a perfect blend of health benefits for kidneys while being a treat for your taste buds as well. The small-sized fruit replenishes your body with optimal concentrations of vitamin C. It is rich in antioxidants which are commonly known as flavonoids that are known to play an imperative role in minimizing inflammation. A particular type known as resveratrol has been shown with extensive research to be helpful in minimizing the risk of Diabetes and Hypertension. Considering the association of Diabetes and Hypertension with that of malfunctioning kidneys, it is fair to conclude that red grapes have the potential to help stabilize your kidney functions in the long run.



It has already been established that salt if the enemy for your kidney health. This raises the question, however, of how to make the food taste delicious without the use of excessive salt. The simplest of answers to the aforementioned question is the use of onions instead. You can also blend it with olive oil and some garlic to further accentuate the flavor while keeping the sodium component of your diet at an absolute minimum. What’s more, is that onions are rich in Vitamins B and C as well as Manganese and prebiotic fibers which replenish the gut bacteria to optimize the digestive system.



If you are one of those people who are in absolute love with Pineapple, then you are in luck. Pineapples are known to be an incredible source of Manganese, Vitamin B, and fiber. But that’s not all. Pineapple is also a fine source of a unique enzyme known as Bromelain that plays a crucial role in keeping the inflammation in check. What needs to be realized is that a variety of fruits such as that of Kiwis, Bananas, and even Oranges have a higher concentration of potassium which makes them unsuitable for someone who has either developed kidney disease or is at risk of one. For such people, a flawless alternative to continue enjoying fruits as part of the regular diet is the consumption of pineapples instead.



By now it must be evident for you already that there are various fruits and vegetable sources that help you optimize the functions of your kidneys. Another such vegetable source is that of Cabbage. Be it the minerals, vitamins, or a range of different plant compounds that have multiple health benefits to offer, consuming Cabbage is going to be a commendable decision. Cabbage is among a few of those vegetables that are low in all three ingredients (sodium, potassium, phosphorous) which are to be limited for healthy kidneys. Lastly, Cabbage is an excellent source of insoluble fiber as well. It will ensure regular bowel movements for the health of your digestive system.



Olive Oil

You can ask anyone who takes his health seriously and he would recommend using olive oil for cooking food on a regular basis. A few of the reasons behind such a recommendation include the low phosphorous component that keeps your kidneys protected against malfunctioning as well as providing a high-calorie yet healthy diet. Yes, it’s true that olive oil is rich in terms of fats but the most prominent component of that is Oleic Acid which is monounsaturated fat. Not only is it healthier for the body but it also lends you a helping hand in keeping the inflammation in check.



A wide range of vegetables have excellent health benefits but are still not a suitable option for someone who is concerned about his kidney health since they are usually high in terms of Potassium. The likes of Potatoes and winter squash are, therefore, restricted to consumption for people who are suffering from kidney disease. Not to worry, though. Since an impeccable alternative for such individuals is Turnip. You can have them mashed, boiled, or even roasted to turn them into a delicious side dish with your dinner and enjoy the benefits of Vitamin B6, C, calcium, and manganese.



The benefits of Cranberries go way beyond your kidneys and into your entire urinary tract. An important ingredient concealed in Cranberries is A-type proanthocyanidins which are essentially phytonutrients in nature and help in preventing urinary tract infection by disabling the bacteria from finding their way to the bladder as well as the urinary tract. If you are looking for a fruit option that is low in sodium, phosphorous, as well as potassium, it just wouldn’t get any better than Cranberries. By preventing the infection, the consumption of cranberries can ensure the optimal functioning of the kidneys.


Final Words

So, here are the top 9 food options for you that you can consume every day in an attempt to ensure the health of your kidneys. Some of these are delicious and you would be delighted to have them in your diet. Others, depending on personal food preferences, may not be the same. But it is to be kept in mind that consumption of natural food is always better than severe restrictions and the complication of having to stick to the pharmaceutics in the long run. A tiny compromise starting from today can ensure better functioning kidneys and optimal overall health for you throughout your life. As such, wouldn’t you say that it is a compromise absolutely worth your while?

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