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How to Stop Being Lazy – An Effective Way to Fight Laziness

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How to Stop Being Lazy - An Effective Way to Fight Laziness

There is hardly a person on the planet who doesn’t have a goal. Yes, it’s absolutely true. Whether or not he puts an effort into realizing his life goal, is another story. But you wouldn’t ever find someone who doesn’t want to something big, something adventurous, something exciting about his life. Someone who is content with a painfully mediocre life is practically a myth. But getting off your leather couch and devising an implementable strategy to achieve your life goal, that’s what creates all the difference between the successful and the ordinary people.

It is understandable that putting your blood and sweat into being motivated, passionate, and active in terms of achieving your life goals isn’t always an easy task. After all, who doesn’t want to just sit around through the whole day watching their favorite show on Netflix with a hot or cold beverage depending on the personal preferences? Think about it, if you could just quit your job and spend the rest of your life in the Maldives with an amazing view and a calm, peaceful, and non-tiresome life, would you want to avail that?

But here’s the thing, life doesn’t work that way. For the most part, there are only two options before you. Either, you have to divorce your laziness and a long-held habit of procrastination to actively work towards your ambitions, or you can kick back and be content with a mediocre or even meaningless life. If you identify yourself as someone from the former category and you have decided that it is time for you to unlock your true potential and get over laziness once and for all, then you have landed on the right page.

Getting over laziness and procrastination is a game of psychology. The answer, therefore, lies in an in-depth study of psychology as well. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to go through the books by yourself. We’ve done it for you and have extracted the top 5 strategies which can fix the issues of excessive laziness and procrastination for you in hopes of putting you on the right track to achieving your goals. Being a victim yourself, you already know what laziness is and how has it been ruining your life lately. So let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into the tips that can help you climb out of the laziness trap and be motivated and inspired to achieve your life goals.


Give Yourself A Shorter Target

To understand why this tip is going to work like a charm if you are looking forward to overcoming laziness and procrastination, you have to focus on what is it that is making you lazy, in the first place. More often than not, the amount of time that you know a particular task is going to take is a turn down for the majority of us that prevents us from even beginning. Say, for example, you have to write a report that you know is going to take a few hours for sure. The anticipation and intimidation of working on it for hours is what is stopping you from getting it over with.

Therefore, giving yourself a shorter target is like tricking your brain into believing that it won’t take a lot of your time. Believe it or not, your brain is just that innocent to fall in the trap that you lay for it. What’s important to realize is that you only have to trick yourself into starting. Once you are in the flow, you would easily be able to get the report done without being excessively lazy. In order to do so, you can tell yourself that you will only work for around fifteen minutes on the task. Put an alarm for fifteen minutes and give yourself the challenge to focus on the task for fifteen minutes straight without any kind of distraction to see how much you would be able to get done in these fifteen minutes.

As mentioned earlier, once you start, it’ll be that much easier for you to continue working even after those fifteen minutes. Even if the motivation still fails to find you, you got something done for sure. Now you can give yourself a new target of the next fifteen minutes with a challenge of beating the amount of work that you did in the previous fifteen minutes. It’s more like turning it into a “gamified” experience for yourself where you are playing against your personal best score while each of the next fifteen minutes intervals gets harder than the previous one.



Start With The Simpler, More Interesting Tasks

As mentioned earlier, getting over laziness and procrastination is a matter of pulling yourself out of the vicious cycle and just starting with a task at hand. Once you can convince yourself to at least start, you will eventually be able to get the flow which will lend you a hand in getting your tasks done in a timely fashion. In order to accomplish that, psychology tells us that it is a commendable idea to always

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