The Truth about Cancer

The Truth About What Causes Cancer and How to Prevent Yourself from It

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The Truth About What Causes Cancer and How to Prevent Yourself

Why cancer occurs in the body is still a big incomplete puzzle that has been troubling doctors and scientists for decades now. Before back in a day, people had very little information or none on the subject of cancer, and today we are overwhelmed by so many sources with ground-breaking discoveries giving their own unique view on what causes cancer in the first place and how to prevent it. So it’s hard to focus on what’s actually important and what to do if there always someone bringing something new to the table.

Now, if there is one most important advice to know how to prevent yourself or heal from cancer then it is this. No matter what, you must change what you do the most every day. It could be the environment and bad vibrations, it could be your own negative thoughts creating negative frequencies accumulating and giving the wrong signals to the body. This brings us to the question, who is giving the signal?

The answer is YOU.

Most of the people do this subconsciously, so there are underlying patterns that must be changed deep inside the spiritual body. Of course, what we drink and eat have a huge impact on our health as well, we can look at it like 50% – 50%. Remember, what you pour into your mind has the same level of effect as what you put in your body. A lot of cancer affected individuals ignore the fact that they are constantly stressed because they are not getting better even though they started eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the problem is the other 50%, the mind, the spiritual body.

We can specifically see this at individuals who are getting lung cancer and never smoked in their life, while on the other hand there are people who heavily smoke their entire life and live long and prosper, without any occurrence of cancer disease whatsoever. What are doing those individuals differently?

They THINK differently.


Thinking and Thoughts – The Invisible Energy Forces

You see no matter how busy and stressful life you live, that cannot be an excuse. But we know it’s getting harder and harder to live a peaceful and happy life in this busy modern world, but it still can be accomplished. You just must be truly willing to change whatever it is that you want whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, eat healthily, regularly meditate, or run a marathon. The choice is always yours every minute every day, every month and every year. But let me tell you that if you choose to run away from yourself rather than confront yourself, it’s sooner or later going to become a problem down the line.

If you cannot be peaceful and in balance with yourself, how can you expect to be peaceful and in balance with everything else?


The Movement – Body’s Self Defense Activating System Against Cancer

The regular movement in the non-pollution environment is highly beneficial and has shown the very positive effects on the overall health of the body and also as prevention against cancer. The regular daily movement can consist of nature walks, yoga practice, swimming, jogging, etc. The reasoning behind the positive effects of the regular move is because our physiological body is built for it. When we move, the body’s lymphatic circulation system starts to flow better and faster. This system apart from other things is responsible for carrying toxic waste out of the body and more body moves the more effective the lymphatic system is. It’s critical to mention here how much/hard you move does not really matter so much, as far as you move for at least 30 minutes without interruption every day, which can be an equivalent of a walk in a park for example.

It’s all devised from the physical anatomy of human body. When we look at the bone and muscle structure, It’s made to move and if it stops it slowly decays.


Natural Treatments and Remedies for Cancer

This is the entire subject on its own. There are hundreds of natural remedies that prevent and treat cancer but it’s important to note that the effects on each individual will be different from another depending on a lot of factors. While practices such as fasting are highly effective for some individuals, the right amount of nutrition is needed for others. That’s why we say that the subject of cancer is more complex with so many dependable factors varying at each individual and that there is no one recipe to cure them all 100%. Of course, we must mention that we are not the doctors and that we do not claim to have a cure for cancer or any other disease, please acknowledge this as a legal statement disclaimer that we are obliged to say.

This is more to provide an understanding view on the subject of cancer researched and analyzed by many great individuals such as Dr. Bruce Lipton – the neurobiology researcher and pioneer and founder of Epigenetics, Dr. Deepak Chopra – the world bestselling author on how the body and mind have the ability to heal themselves, or Dr. Joe Dispenza, just to name a few.

Traditional Chinese medicine is known to be very effective too, but again, one must figure out what’s best.


The Cause of Diseases Like Cancer

Here is the thing. In order to answer this question, we first have to look at what our combined data says from global research. Over 60% of the ALL world population Deaths are caused by chronic diseases such as cancer, and one of the cancer causes is accumulated toxins in the body. And where are these toxins coming from? Well, not to surprise of many, from the biggest part it’s the FOOD! The other factors include environmental factors such as water, air, ground, but not to surprise of many, even people can have a toxic effect on each other.

These are all chemical reactions happening in real-time in the body. And it’s not just only external factors that cause disease either, but also the inner factors such as how the affected person feels most of the time because the human body is a massive and most complex chemical factory on the planet, not exaggerating. The body under constant stress creates and mixes the chemicals for the fight or flight body response, which when mixed with the other external things like unhealthy food, bad water, polluted air, can lead to cancer.


Cancer Prevention

It’s probably obvious enough now, that the high self-awareness and healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to never even worry about the disease like cancer. Regular self-detoxification has shown decreasing the chances of getting cancer or even disappearance of cancer over a certain amount of time. As far as the energy life-willing force is withing you and you are willing to fight, there is always a high chance. If small things such as regular daily yoga exercise, or walk in the park, sit down and meditate for a few minutes, drinking a green organic tea instead of sugary soda water, eating vegetables and fruit instead of over-burned greasy and meaty fast foods, can do the whole difference, why not to start today?

So, please, be aware of what you eat, be aware of what you do and not do, and be aware of what and how you think.

Here is the long time expected brand-new documentary on this exact subject airing now called “The Answer to Cancer”, so we highly recommend watching the 9-part docuseries and if you want you can read The Answer to Cancer review.

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