Why and How To Learn To Love Yourself

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Why and How To Learn To Love Yourself

Ever had a visit to the hospital where you had an experience of looking at the Electrocardiogram (ECG)? How does the ECG represent that the patient is still alive? As long as the lines on the ECG are going up and down, you can have the peace of mind that the patient is still breathing. The moment it goes flat is the moment of worry. Our lives function in a similar fashion. Ups and downs are an inevitable part of life. If you are having both the good and bad days, it just means that you are alive. Good and bad are labels that are relative to each other. If you never had a bad day, you would lose your sense to recognize when it’s a good one. After all, without a frame of reference, something to compare it with, you can’t possibly know the kind of day that you are having.

Words can surely have a remarkable healing effect. But sometimes, it is not enough to just remind yourself that hitting a rock bottom is also a part of life and that the sun will shine again after this dark night that seems to consume you slowly. In the moments when you are feeling down because of any given experience of your life, taking all the blame, criticizing yourself, being hard and even hating yourself can only worsen the situation. The frustration is uncanny that makes it even harder to not be lost in the gloomy feeling.

But you are not entirely helpless before the bad days and the moments when you feel like hating yourself. There are more than a few reasons why loving yourself can offer a solution. We have highlighted a few of such reasons in hopes of lending you a helping hand to keep the love for yourself even in the hardest of times.


1. It Makes You Happier

The first and foremost reason for loving yourself is because it makes you happier. The days are going to come and go but the only thing that’ll matter in the end is your happiness and contentment. What needs to be realized is that the days which don’t turn out as expected are inevitable. What’s even more important is to believe that none of the days in your life are permanent. If you are going through a bad phase, try to remember that it’s all that it is; a bad phase. And like any other, it will eventually pass.

When you are having a bad day, it may just feel like there’s no one who’s on your side. If you end up hating yourself too under such circumstances, it will only worsen the situation. On the other hand, if you succeed in keeping your love for yourself, there will be one less thing to worry about. With a happier and satisfied mind, you’d be in a much better position to diligently work on the problem that you are facing and focus on finding a solution.

2. It Makes You A Better Person

Imagine any relationship that is the closest for you. It could be that of being a brother, or perhaps a husband, or a father, and think of the impact that your relationship will experience if you were in a constant state of battle with yourself. In all honesty, it is next to impossible for the best person that you possibly can be for other people if you fail to love yourself in the first place. It is much like the safety precaution that you are told about every time you are traveling via an airplane. Don’t they always tell you to put your own mask first and help yourself before you try to help someone else, even if it is your children? But if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense since you are not going to be helpful for anyone if you end up losing your own consciousness in a state of an emergency.

Your relationships work in a similar fashion. Once you have the ability to cater to your own needs, then only you can lend a helping hand to others. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to be genuinely affectionate towards others. In order to make our best contribution to society, we must be in a state of satisfaction with ourselves. Another reason is the contagious nature of the love itself. The way you will influence the people around you is defined by what you genuinely feel from the inside. Someone who is in love with himself has a positive vibe in general and positivity is exactly what he is able to spread in his surroundings.

3. It Turns You Into A Confident Individual

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