How to build positive personality to influence others

How To Build A Positive Personality To Influence Others

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How To Build A Positive Personality To Influence Others

Everyone wants to be a positive influencer. It is not an uncommon sight to hear someone talk about his desire to leave this world better than he found it. Unfortunately, though, not a lot of people are familiar with the little things that you can do to satisfy your desire. What’s amazing is that you don’t have to be a doctor and save lives to play your part in society. You don’t have to be a scientist and invent something that makes peoples’ lives more convenient, calm, and peaceful for you to make it a better place. Something as little as being a positive influencer in the lives of the people around you is more than sufficient to serve this purpose.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a leader. You may be one at your workplace where you are required to set the direction of a group of people who are working under you, or you could simply be the leader of your family. In any way, the kind of energy that you emit on a day to day basis is bound to have an impact on the people in your vicinity. The power of decision lies with you. You can either choose to be a negative influence that sounds miserable and makes their lives so as well, or you could transform yourself into a positive influence that helps them to be their best self.


7 Ways to Build a Positive Personality and Mindset

No, nobody is born with a particular kind of personality. Your personality is always something that you develop over time in response to your life experiences. Even if you have never been able to be a positive influencer in your life so far, it is never too late to start. Here is a list of 7 unique ways that you can use to transform yourself into a positive influencer and become a better leader.


1. Try To Delay Your Response

In order to be a positive influencer, the first thing that you need to realize is that your negativity is not an appropriate response to a negative remark that you received. It is natural for us to opt for a stinging reply immediately after receiving a remark that directly hits us, our thoughts and beliefs, or someone or something that we are affectionate for. It’s like a subconscious, defense mode that is on autopilot in our minds. You can easily prevent this autopilot to come into action if you choose to take a moment before you respond. Remember that this reflex to verbally attack someone back is just as fast in fading away as it is in appearing. Delaying your response, therefore, enables you to remove the emotional component from the scenario that in turn helps to respond more objectively while keeping your cool.

2. Keep An Open Mind

A major difference between an average human and a positive influencer is that of having an open mind. Most of us are too stubborn about our thoughts, ideas, and opinions and we have this kind of an itch that isn’t satisfied until we shove our opinions down everyone else’s throats even if it takes aggression to do so. The positive influencers, on the other hand, are more respectful towards what other people have to say. They develop a skill of keeping a neutral outlook and listen intently to understand others’ perspectives and where they are coming from. In an event that they learn something new and are convinced of their opinions, they are the first ones to accept it and invest an effort into further exploring that idea in hopes of strengthening their own concepts, thoughts, and beliefs. Clinging to your thoughts and beliefs without substantial evidence to support them has never been positive for anyone, including yourself.

3. Own Your Emotions

Remember that being a positive influencer by no means imply that you are supposed to transform into a superhuman who doesn’t have negative emotions ever. If anything, in order to be a positive influencer, it is a requirement for you to own your emotions. Instead of blaming someone else, you should focus on building an ability to accept your emotions as your own. The more you fight them or try to ignore their existence, the more you infuriate them to haunt you and eventually make you react to them in an appropriate fashion. The approach of a positive influencer towards his negative emotions conceals an intent to fix them. Instead of expressing them negatively, he reminds himself that he is the one in charge of the situation; it is up to him to focus on the bright side; It is well within his power to analyze the situation and devise a solution that’ll make him feel better.

4. Express Your Appreciation And Applaud

There is hardly anything more convenient yet effective for being a positive influencer than being the first one to show your appreciation and applaud for someone’s help or their achievements. Did someone hold the door for you at the mall? How hard is it put a friendly smile on your face and thank them? One of your friends got a new job? Why don’t you help them celebrate the event? The tiniest of gestures like sending them a card, or flowers, or even just a nicely crafted congratulations text message can make their day and double their joy. If that isn’t the textbook definition of being a positive influence, nothing ever will be.

5. Be There For People But In The Right Way

Imagine that one of your friends is going through a hard breakup. What do you think, in this scenario, is the essence of being there for them? What most of us would choose to do is putting the blame on their ex and highlight that he was a bad person. But what if we told you this is not what being there for someone means. By such a response, all you do is promote the victim mentality which is extremely counterproductive for their own coping mechanism and empowerment. It is understandable that you feel compassion for them. But you are required to radiate that compassion by focusing on their strengths. Truth is, people, grow and realize their strengths in the worst of times. A positive influencer has a deeply rooted understanding of this fact that enables him to encourage this growth and empowerment.

6. Make Happiness Contagious

You might have heard it already that happiness is contagious. Regardless of how bizarre does it sound, it has been scientifically proven with research. A simple gesture of putting a smile on your face activates the part of other peoples’ brains that is responsible for sending a signal of happiness through their body. By transforming your personality to making it capable of focusing on the good and devising a solution for the bad, you can inspire and empower others to do the same and turn themselves into naturally positive individuals. The overall vibe and energy as part of your aura are what determines the kind of impact it’ll have on its surrounding. A grumpy face can never spread happiness neither can it be a positive influence on anyone. Try it out as an experiment. Choose to happy for a week and see the kind of impact it casts on the people around you.

7. Empower Their Minds

Lastly, in order to be a positive influence on someone, it is imperative that you learn to activate the parts of their brains which are responsible for positivity. For instance, suppose that your friend has a crucial meeting at work in the coming days and he is sweating nervously about it. He is worried about all that could go wrong. Since his mind is stuck on negativity, as a positive influencer, you need to remind them that they have everything that it will take to succeed at the meeting. Tell them they are well prepared. Divert their attention to imagining the feeling of victory once they come out of the meeting room with success. Acknowledge the fact that it’s a tough one. But remind them that they are tougher. There isn’t a better way to be a positive influencer than empowering someone to fight negativity.



Being a positive influence on the people and society, in general, is well within your power. More often than not, we are too stuck in our own hectic schedules and busy lives that we forget to put an effort into being a positive influencer and make this world a better place for other people. What we fail to realize, however, is that being a positive influence is not a goal that comes in the way of our daily routines. With the aforementioned 7 tips, you can make it a natural part of your personality and merge your efforts to be a positive influencer well in your day to day life. These may seem like little things, but you’d be amazed at the kind of positive impact they’ll cast on your own life as well as on the lives of the people around you.

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