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Meditation To Overcome Addiction and Addictive Behaviors

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Meditation To Overcome Addiction and Addictive Behaviors

Nobody likes being called an addict. More often than not, when we think of addictions, we usually confine our thoughts to cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and the likes of these. But the truth is that in this time and age, we are all slaves of addictions in one way or the other. Perhaps you have never smoked a cigarette, maybe you just drink occasionally, but does that entitle yourself to be called free of addictions? Isn’t it possible that you are not an addict of some sort of a drug, but there are a few habits that have turned into an addiction for you? For instance, don’t you think it’s your addiction to the smartphones that push you to check for notification after every couple of minutes? Haven’t you heard of someone who is addicted to sex? Isn’t the multibillion-dollar industry of pornography is entirely premised on addiction?

In the simplest of terms, addiction is nothing more than an urge that gets out of your control. Having an urge, a severe craving to do something is a part of being human. Fortunately, most of us are capable of keeping our urges in control especially when they are vicious in nature. For the addicts, however, it’s a constant struggle to fight these urges; a battle that they most frequently end up losing.

Since addictions fall in the realm of your mental health, it is understandable for psychology to have a say regarding the matter. As per psychology, a comprehensive plan for recovery must include a few techniques of the ancient practices of meditation and mindfulness. One such common technique that is referred to as “Urge Surfing” has the potential to be the simplest cure to pull someone out of their addiction. The entire concept of this technique is based on the fact that having an urge is natural for a human being and all of these human cravings are temporary in nature. Since it takes around 20 to 30 minutes for these cravings to naturally fade away, it is possible for an individual to surf through these urges without submitting to them if only one is capable of keeping his focus on their transient nature.

If you have been fighting an addiction for so long and were just about to give up, today is certainly your lucky day. We are here to guide you through the step by step procedure that you can follow for Urge Surfing and effectively overcome your addiction once and for all.


Urge Surfing


You Need To Identify The Urge

The first and the foremost step for Urge Surfing in an attempt to overcome your addictions is to pinpoint your cravings. If you don’t identify the urges of your mind and body, you would never be able to devise a comprehensive plan that helps you pull out of it. Simply put, the sooner that you get an understanding of your addictive behavior, the better it will be for your plan to get out of it. More often than not, we make the mistake of waiting for our addiction to be in front of us and well within our reach before we start to fight it. The problem with such an approach is that stepping that late into the battlefield enables the urge to already get too strong for you to have a chance of winning this war. Therefore, you need to have a proactive approach for the identification of your cravings.

You’re A Scientist Who’s There To Observe

Once you have identified your urge and it has come knocking at your door, the next step for Urge Surfing and protecting yourself against submitting to your addiction to take a deep breath and make yourself completely aware of your craving. All that you are required to do here is to prevent yourself from acting impulsively. You sit back, relax, and accept the existence of the craving and confront it. There’s no need to opt for self-denial and try to ignore the very existence of your urge. Be aware of it and accept it completely. Think of yourself as a scientist who is working in a lab and has something under his microscope that he needs to observe. Your only goal is to observe the craving and not act upon it.

Focus On Your Feelings

Remember that Urge Surfing is a technique derived from meditation and mindfulness. This implies that keeping your focus and using your observation is going to be a prominent part of it. Now that you have identified your craving and have observed it, your next step is

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