Learn How to Be Happy Alone and Why It’s Beneficial

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Learn How to Be Happy Alone and Why It’s Beneficial

Relationships are an important part of our lives. It enables us to stir up the element of joy in our lives and make fine memories that we can relish for the rest of our lives. It is the experience of being with other people that enables us to learn new things and enhance our knowledge. But it doesn’t mean that solitude doesn’t have any benefits to offer. The importance of learning to be comfortable in solitude is just as important as social skills. The technological gadgets that are in our hands at all times and various applications which promise to keep us connected have tricked our minds into believing that being surrounded by people is no longer an option but a necessity. If you think so too, here’s a shocker for you. Spending too much time with people and finding no time for yourself in solitude can actually deprive you of a few personality features which can optimize your personal and professional lives.

It is a scientifically proven fact that spending time in solitude has a range of benefits to offer in terms of your health and well-being in general. The problem is, not a lot of people are convinced of spending time alone as they are not familiar with the benefits that they might be missing. It is also because of a misconception that being alone and being lonely are one and the same thing where psychologically speaking, there’s a stark difference between the two. It can’t be further emphasized that the aim of this article is to enlighten you of the importance of solitude i-e being alone and not of being lonely. What’s interesting to know is that learning to be comfortable in solitude is the very cure for your feelings of loneliness, in the first place.

Here are the top 5 benefits why solitude is rather important for you.


Meet Your True Self

Truth is, being excessively among the people accustom you to present yourself that is acceptable for your social circle. It slowly starts to mold your personality so that it aligns perfectly with the expectations of the people that you spend time with. In other words, socializing more than necessary has a risk of making you succumb to the peer-pressure and lose your true self.

In solitude, however, you are the master of yourself. All of your decisions are based on your own thoughts, opinions, ideas, feelings, and emotions. It offers you a time-out from all of the external influences. There’s a feeling of being in charge of deciding what to do without having the need for external approval.

With being the boss of making your own choices, you get a better insight into your personality and get to understand yourself genuinely as a person. Learning the importance of solitude enables you to be comfortable with the person that you are. The deeper your understanding of yourself, the more genuine and authentic you can be among the people. You won’t ever feel the need to be pretentious again.



Be A Better Human For Everyone

Socializing with people has a downside of feeding it into your brain that certain people are your “squad” and you are required to feel more strongly for them. Think about it, if one of your friends had an accident and was admitted to a hospital, would the pain that you’ll feel for him be

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