5 tips to spiritual awakening

5 Tips To Spiritual Awakening, Health, and Growth

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5 Tips To Spiritual Awakening, Health, and Growth

The moment that you tell someone that you are planning to invite spirituality into your life, you will be faced with a lot of criticism and discouragement since people believe it is a prerequisite for someone to be highly religious for him to be able to get a step closer to spirituality. While it may be true depending on the perspective and how you define spirituality, generally speaking, being religious and being spiritual are two different things and the latter can certainly be achieved even if you don’t identify yourself as religious.

What needs to be understood is that practicing spirituality is entirely personal. There is no amount of going to church every day, attending a class, reading the Bible or the Quran involved in being more spiritual. Similar to religion, we usually take spirituality as a belief system that has a community of followers. However, spirituality, in reality, is about those intentional moments in which you distance yourself from the noise of the everyday world and find a peaceful corner for yourself to reflect. It is the moments when you seek to establish a stronger bond with a higher force concealed within yourself and achieve the clarity of mind.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, spiritual people may not be highly religious, but they are certainly happier. If this is what inspires you to find ways to be more spiritual, then you have landed on the right page. Our experts have made extensive research and have crafted a list of simplest to follow tips that put you on the right track to find spirituality. In an attempt to protect you against being overwhelmed, here are the top five ways that you can start implementing from today and transform yourself into a more spiritual person.


1. Time For You To Try Meditation

If you are looking forward to spirituality, your efforts must begin with making yourself more calm and peaceful. Meditation and mindfulness are practices that are widely known and accepted to be effective in this regard. It is recommended as per the experts to begin your day with a few minutes of meditation. It helps a great deal in enhancing your coping mechanism against excessive stress and anxiety, show your troubling and disturbing thoughts a way out of your head, manages your anger and promotes the virtue of being more patient while making you more calm, peaceful, and compassionate.

The simplest of meditation and mindfulness practices like mindful breathing for as little as five minutes in the morning can offer the aforementioned benefits and put you a step closer to your ultimate goal of achieving spirituality. Some people would meditate for longer than a few minutes but the important thing to realize is that consistency is a lot more important to if you want to achieve spirituality with the help of meditation and mindfulness rather than the amount of time that you spend on such practices. As long as you are consistent, you can have the peace of mind that you are on your way to becoming more spiritual.


2. Learn About Spirituality

Reading novels and all sorts of different books is quite common to all of us in this day and age. If you happen to be someone who is into books, then you are already in luck. Reading literature that informs you about the concepts of spirituality, a few examples of how it changes your life, and what it has to offer can keep you motivated and inspired to put an effort into being more spiritual while making you more informed about what your ultimate goal is.

The best part of reading books that improve your knowledge base about spirituality is that reading a page or two per day is more than sufficient to help you achieve your goal. You can start with books like “The Alchemist”, “Holy Shift”, or “The Four Agreements”. Don’t think of it as a burden or a commitment that you must fulfill on a regular basis. Take it up as a hobby and continue to read such books whenever you can find the time. The more knowledge that you’ll gain about spirituality, the easier it will start to become for you to practice it in your everyday life.


3. Gratitude Paves The Way

Did you know that an imperative component of turning yourself into a more spiritual person is gratitude? Someone who is grumpy, cranky, cynical, or whine about anything and everything that he is confronted with in life disables himself permanently from being spiritual and find the path of peace and happiness.

If you find it hard to express gratitude and are usually a little too engulfed in the aforementioned emotions, the good news for you is that practicing gratitude has the potential to start a virtuous cycle. The moment you decide to show gratitude, the universe takes it upon itself to give you more opportunities to express gratitude.

In order to get the cycle started, make it a habit to think of only one thing about your life that you are currently thankful as part of your morning routine. As soon as you open your eyes and are still lying in your bed, don’t grab your phone to scroll through the social networks. Don’t think of the work activities that you have to undertake for the day. Just take a moment first, and focus your entire thoughts onto a single thing that you are grateful for in your life. It will help a great deal in being more grateful for the rest of the day and pave the way for you to get to your destination of becoming more spiritual.


4. Seek Help From The Mother Nature

It is understandable that we are living in an era of a rat race and it isn’t always possible to find a lot of time and be closer to nature. After all, who wouldn’t want to quit their job and go on a camping trip with their loved ones? Everyone wants to spend their life in a small cottage by the sea and experience the breathtaking view and the cold breeze against their skin on a day to day basis. However, even if that’s not possible, it doesn’t mean that your mechanical life has disabled you from finding your connection back with Mother Nature.

As with meditation, connecting with nature has a lot more to do with consistency as well, as compared to the time spent with it. Even if you can find just fifteen minutes to be closer to nature, say, for example, in the evening when you take your dog for a walk, try to leave all of your devices at home and just be more available to observe your surroundings. The sound of the wind, or perhaps the tiny drops of rain falling on your skin. Take a look at the bright sky or focus on the shapes being made in the clouds. After all, spirituality isn’t about technological gadgets and the advancements of the world which have turned it into haywire. It is all about nature and the closer you are to it, the better are your chances of instilling spirituality into your personality.


5. Explore Yourself

Last but not least, in order to adopt spirituality as a natural part of your life, it is important that you invest some time into exploring yourself. Make a list of questions that help you find a greater meaning to your life and reflect on different domains of it. As you dig deeper into your personality and make yourself aware of yourself, you would be able to welcome spirituality into your life with ease. Take your time, think hard, and write down the values that you believe in and the purpose you believe that you have for your life.

Another important component of exploring yourself and being aware of the self is understanding your emotions and accepting your feelings rather than being in a constant state of battle with them. Instead of getting upset for having a particular emotion or feeling, ask yourself where you are coming from? What is it about the situation that is driving the negative emotions and what is it that you can do to remedy the situation and pull yourself out of the negativity. The more you fight your emotions, the less you are aware of yourself, and the harder is it for you to find spirituality.


Final Note

As evident from the information mentioned above, spirituality is an ultimate destination that comprises several steps. As you continue to achieve these milestones, you will consistently find yourself getting closer to spirituality. There may be a wide range of other factors that contribute to making you more spiritual. But the above mentioned should certainly be a good start for someone who is looking forward to forming a stronger bond with his spiritual side. Now that you have the information at your disposal, it is the time that you start your journey towards spirituality.

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