how to get rid of a migraine

Understand What is Migraine and How to Get Rid of Migraine

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Understand What is Migraine and How to Get Rid of Migraine

Headaches are a common occurrence for all of us. You’d be lying to yourself if you claim to have never had a similar experience. However, migraine is a whole another story as long as the true experience of having a migraine headache is concerned. There is a misconception that usually makes a lot of us label a severe headache as a migraine. But the reality of a migraine is much deeper and perhaps grim than that. This is the reason why we would like to get into the basics of understanding migraine better before jumping into what you can do to prevent the episodes and find relief in times of such excruciating pain.


A Brief Introduction to Migraine

Scientifically speaking, migraine is a type of headache that is associated with complications of the nervous system. Against the popular opinion, again, it is not necessary for the pain to be confined to one side of the forehead for it to be categorized as a migraine. As long as the pain can be defined as throbbing in nature or an intense pulsing that is restricted to any single region of the head, it is likely to be labeled as a migraine. What distinguishes a migraine headache from the rest of the types is its potential to stay for hours or even days at a time in the worst-case scenario.

More often than not, Migraines are associated with a wide range of associated symptoms. For instance, you are likely to feel nausea or even vomiting. In some cases, there would be a pronounced sensitivity to sound and light. Under such circumstances, there is a chance that you would experience a relentless need to stay in a dark place that is away from all the noise of the routine life. Research has also shown that a fair proportion of people with migraines also experience an “Aura” that can be defined as the warning symptoms which hint towards an imminent episode of migraine headache. The warning symptoms include and are not confined to the temporary loss of sight, seeing various blind spots or flashes of light, and a tingling that can occur either in the arms or in the legs.


The Probable Reasons Why You Experience Episodes Of Migraine

If you identify yourself as someone who has regular or occasional episodes of migraine headaches, it’s rather unfortunate to know that despite excessive research, science has yet failed to achieve a clear understanding of why migraines happen. It is given that the incidence is associated with a disturbance caused in the nervous system perhaps because of an imbalance in the essential brain chemicals. As a consequence, inflammation and swelling in the blood vessels inside your head can generate a pain signal of various intensity.

Nonetheless, we are not entirely at a loss when it comes to understanding migraines. There have been various triggers that have been identified to initiate an episode in the patients. These triggers can be dietary in nature, for instance, consumption of artificial sweeteners, citrus, caffeine, etc. has been linked to increasing the chances of migraines. Alcoholism and excessive smoking can cast a somewhat similar effect. Similarly, in light of the substantial evidence drawn from research that women are at a greater risk of experiencing an episode as compared to men, it is generally accepted that the occurrence may as well be linked with the hormonal changes specifically the one that is linked with pregnancy, menstruation, breastfeeding, ovulation, and the use of contraceptives. What’s more, is that someone who constantly thrives in a high-pressure, stressful environment has a greater chance of experiencing a migraine headache. Lastly, higher altitudes, strong fragrances, intense flickering or overly bright lights, and unusual changes in terms of weather may also lead to a migraine.


Things That You Can Do To Cope With Migraine Headaches

Now that you have been introduced to what it is and the possible triggers, it is time for you to learn the things that you can do to cope with migraine headaches. If you have

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